June 2008


In Lisbon, Again

For those of you keeping track of me, I’m in Lisbon.

The trip was relatively painless: I’d rented a Mini Cooper for Saturday night, so all I had to do was get up, take a shower, and drive it over to the Leipzig Airport, which it did quite well—I peaked at about 190 on the A4 and A9, but only in the spots where the road was well maintained. It didn’t do so well on the rougher surfaces. I think, after today, that I prefer concrete highways—asphalt gets too rough and bumpy for high speed driving.

Flying was easy—I hopped from Leipzig to Paris where, because it was in the same terminal, I was able to make my connection—from plane to gate in about 25 minutes, including a gate change. The entire trip was nice and I slept for over an hour on the Paris to Lisbon leg, helping make up sleep that I have been lacking since Wednesday.

On the way from the airport I got a taxi driver who didn’t speak English or German-only Portuguese and its cousins of Spanish and Italian. When he found out I was an American he did have something to tell me: “Clinton good. Bush bad.” I presume he meant Bill.

The button on my new H&M shorts popped off today—I got the button and whilst the hotel has lots of thread, they have no needles.

The allergy medicine I got in Germany is incredible—I had no breathing problems once I started taking it—I took my last pill this morning to test Lisbon and I can now report that I am not suffering any allergies here.

After getting to my hotel I took a walk, passing through a park where I wandered through the 70th annual book fair. Really cool! If only I could read Portuguese. It was really well attended, lots of adults and children with a large number of stands showing and selling books.

From there I decided to walk back to my hotel—I didn’t have a map and I managed to figure out how to get to the hotel without any problems. And oh yes—my hotel is filled with German tourists.

I feel at home.

5 comments to In Lisbon, Again

  • let me just guess: i missed you.
    damn the time.

  • Ed

    190? My Ford truck wouldn’t go 190 if it was falling over a cliff.
    They are thinking of changing the name of Indy’s airport back to Weir-Cook or something similar to that.

  • J

    Please give me the name of the allergy medication.

  • @chica: That sucks… see you in July :-/

    @Ed: I was speaking in kph, so 190 is actually only 118 mph. Is that still a challenge for your Ford?

    @J: I’m taking Cetirizin HEXAL–it’s a generic in a pink box. It’s been great and even a friend’s son has had success with the drug. I’d tell you the actual underlying drug, but i left the drug in my hotel room, I don’t need it at my local office.

  • pictures, i want!
    and yes, damn the time again…july..pffff…feel like i am being the only one taking care of weimar-village these days. everybody either already left, some are leaving now and others do so in a couple of weeks. some may return, others will never come back. my heart has a little crack. besides disagreeing with time, i do hate good byes, as well.

    come back now, or i will get sick.