June 2008


Antiseptic Sleeze: Gay New York Disappoints

Despite exhaustion I decided to check out another one of New York City’s famous gay bars, the View Bar, last night.

Monday is “Woof” night, where Daddies rule and Bud Light is only $2.

There were some positive reviews:

Max Scott’s bear party w/ DJs Joe X and Chauncey D cranking classics, plus porn star guests and beaucoup giveaways. $2 BudLt, free nibbles and erotic visuals. (HX)

Max Scott, Daddy Andrew and the boys of View Bar welcome Duke Rivers to the den of men for giveaways of his latest DVD and a special performance to bring out the Daddy lover in all of us. As usual, $2 Bud Light drafts, $3 MGD cans, food and raffle giveaways keep Monday nights from being anything but prudish. 7pm; $5. (Next)

However I found it, much like The Cock, to be essentially disappointing.

New York City may be where the gay rights movement was born, becoming, at least in theory, a wild and free place. For whatever reason, the gay scene doesn’t reflect that heritage any more. I suppose it’s a legacy of HIV—when health inspectors disinfected everything about gay culture leaving only the cleanest options: attending Opera and going to gallery openings. However the continued enforcement of legacy paranoia is problematic—presuming condoms are available and people play safe, it’s hindering living and life.

I say this because it turns out I like some amount of sleeze in my gay scene.

I like the option of having a nearby bathhouse. I like the option of having a darkroom in the bar. I like the option of a nearby S&M club. I like the options… even if I do not take advantage of my options.

Next promised that Woof would keep Monday night from being “prudish”, yet I found the action antiseptic. There was a go-go daddy dancing on a small stage and men were tipping him. The daddy had a wax fetish of some sort and was liberally dripping fresh hot wax from some candles all over his body, including on his cock. Except his cock was hidden from view unless you were leaning your face on his stomach.

I was left feeling slightly pained (the guy didn’t even wince when he poured the hot wax directly onto his junk!) and not even remotely dirty.

Give me Berlin. Give me Amsterdam. Give me London. Give me Prague. Give me Leipzig. Give me Indianapolis.

New York City may be where the gay movement started, but its clearly moved on.

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