July 2008


Happy Fourth

Colors PresentationIt is a happy accident that I landed in Bloomington, Indiana, the day before the Fourth of July.

I woke early this morning—5am—made some phone calls, ate breakfast at the Bloomington Waffle House (They have had the same morning wait staff for at least the last 10 years), and then wandered around downtown.

Downtown was rather festive, even though I was early—the band wasn’t scheduled to start playing until 9, and I was there by 8:15. After poking around a bit, I donated some money and ate some purple pancakes to support the PanCAN. It was about then that the skies which had been drizzling rain, started getting more serious about it.

Fortunately I remembered seeing an umbrella in the car, so I went back to the car, grabbed it, and protected myself. It was a wise move because as the parade started at 10, the skies opened up and there was substantial rain for the next hour, which coincided almost perfectly with the length of the parade.

As Bloomington Fourth of July parades go, this one was a shorter, impacted by the weather, but quite nice. A sampling of photos are below and be sure you read my comments about the last photo.

Colors Presentation

...did not stop


...most tasteless
The most tasteless float I’ve ever seen in any parade:
A Christian Church’s tribute to 9/11.
Had a Muslim group put together such a float, they would have been booed.
Unfortunately I had the feeling that I was the only person watching
who had a negative reaction to the float.

5 comments to Happy Fourth

  • Ed

    In the first picture one of the boy scouts is a bit long in the tooth.
    The Monroe County Courthouse is celebrating one hundred years. They had cake shaped like the fish on the weathervane and the dome.
    We’ve had over 40 inches of rain this year and that is supposed to be a whole years worth.
    The rainbow umbrellas only helped brighten the gay float. Did it get any boos or just deathly silence?

  • I found it semi-appropriate that the 9/11 “tribute” float had a person wearing the fire department garb with “BFD” (Bloomington Fire?) on it. Especially since we all know what else “BFD” can stand for.

  • Bloomington definitely doesn’t need any more rain!

    We missed the Canada Day fireworks here, but we’ll get to attend the Victoria Pride Parade tomorrow. 🙂

  • @Ed: I had some of the cake to celebrate 100 years… The Pride float got cheers–as much as any of the floats.

    @cq: I hadn’t thought about that…

    @Jerry: I hope the Victoria Pride parade was fun. I hope you have a report.

  • J

    I’ve love to be in the US for the 4th again some day. You’re lucky.