July 2008


Suitcase Stuffed

One of the harder things to find in Germany are quality gay English novels.

There’s a book store up in Berlin that has a nice selection, but it’s not that wide. I usually visit it when I’m there, buying two or three books.

Trips to the states I have to restrain myself—and I failed miserably on this journey. I have probably 10 new books that I’ve had to stuff one way or another into my luggage, along with the other assorted shit that I’ve purchased in the states, like five short sleeved shirts, a dozen pair of socks, a beginners quilting package, and a second pair of eye glasses.

Meanwhile I am spending this afternoon zoning out – I’ve been too busy to think too much, and now I am about to leave.

The last decision to make: what’s for dinner tonight.

5 comments to Suitcase Stuffed

  • Jul

    Try not to look too guilty coming through customs…

  • Yes, stock up on plain brown wrappers and practice looking nonchalant carrying overweight hand luggage, always a great manoevre when faced with too many purchases on the trip home.

    Bon voyage!

  • koko

    i’ll miss you! 🙁

  • Uh oh! You went to visit Koko, and now I have to worry about what gossip you two threw around!

  • @Jul: Customs is rarely manned when I go through it on flights from the States. It certainly had nobody there when I went through Wednesday morning.

    @ian: Good advice — I hope you enjoy your holiday.

    @Koko: I miss you too!

    @cq: You were the number one topic of conversation