August 2008


Weimar Office Update

Strandbar am Café LadenBecause of a hole in my bathroom wall,* I stayed in Weimar so that the Hausmeister could fix the problem.

Unfortunately it’s only 50% fixed and he needs to seal it with silicon—so undoubtedly I will lose another day of office based work at some point in the near future. I am already missing next Thursday to take care of some important personal legal stuff—and get my haircut.

Generally speaking I try to make sure I physically appear at the office four out of every five days. The fifth day is reserved for dealing with holes in the wall, personal stuff, shopping, and the like. Generally speaking my personal business is shunted to either the morning or late afternoon, allowing me to create a block of time where I stop by the Weimar Office to work.

I really do work at the Weimar Office—even on days when I could be outside on its beach, I’m inside plugged in with my laptop working on whatever I am currently working on. It’s an excellent place to work, complete with outstanding coffee and friendly baristas who bring me my coffee, right where I am working, and all the breakfast, sandwiches, or cake that I order.

Today is one such day—I am taking a pause from my work to write this—and I love it.

Especially today; there was a plethora of eye-candy. Actually it’s exceptionally attractive eye-candy that is filling my otherwise innocent mind with illicit corrupt thoughts featuring those who pass through my Weimar Office but only briefly. One made a lot of eye contact. So sweet.

Excuse me while I drool.

I’ve seen more eye-candy at the Weimar Office today than I’ve seen cumulatively at my real office since moving in.

Actually, Weimar’s had a lot of great eye-candy since I’ve returned from my trip. Something in the water has made them even more attractive than in the past, and I’ve been happy to loiter on the streets admiring the passing men.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen the skater punk around since my return. He’s oh so wrong for me, but still incredibly attractive. I imagine that one day I’ll see him on the street as I find it unlikely he’d ever show up at the Weimar Office.

*For the truly evil-minded amongst you, there was a leak through the floor under the shower into the apartment below. The leak was inaccessible until a piece of tile was removed and a hole put through the wall to access the problematic pipe. I am not covering up a glory hole; my bathroom has no such hole in it.

1 comment to Weimar Office Update

  • Nonickname

    Hey A-

    I see summer needs some shaking in Weimar? Or does it..?? Coffee shops the world over seem to be filled with the best seasonal eyecandy on offer. Where I am, it’s a local cyclist’s hangout… you fill in the blanks, it never disappoints! If I weren’t a wimp in this weather I’d dust off my handlebars and see if I could get my chain lubed… (o, I so dirty boy!)

    So tell me about ‘warm up’ – is it an improvement or a frustration?

    I miss our – mis-adventures! I could really use one about now!