August 2008


Underwear(,) used.

Used Underwear for SaleDo you remember the start of my personal underwear crisis, a couple years back? That was when all my underwear started dying due to old age—lots of boxer shorts that I’d purchased at Structure had reached their maximum age and announced this by ripping apart.

When I announced that I needed to replace my undies, I (accidently) insinuated that I would go to Berlin for the sole purpose of finding and buying used underwear; something that horrified a number of people while titillating others.

It’s safe to say that my personal underwear crisis is resolved and none of it was used, before I wore it the first time.

I'd use his used...

I'd use his used...

I’ve gone on a somewhat expensive buying spree, resorting to the web to find much of what I now own. I came up with a couple of criteria for the undies I buy—the chief one is that they must not take up a great deal of room in my suitcase. This is pretty important and I also like underwear that I can wash in a sink and leave to dry overnight, although that is moderated by the fact that I only wear cotton when I fly and I haven’t met too many pairs of cotton underwear that can dry over night in humidish climates.

I also want the underwear to be comfortable, which ultimately means briefs. Boxer-shorts are better, save for space considerations while boxer-pants are horribly uncomfortable; anything briefer—well it has to fit the event.

Right now I have three principal brands that I wear: Olaf Benz, the German-based boutique brand, Britain’s Dirty Fukker, and made-in-LA American Apparel briefs.

Based on my survey of the underwear styles in stock at Weimar’s Jörg Wätzel, I would have to guess that the upper class of German men prefer to wear boxer-briefs, so I headed online to find Olaf Benz styles that I liked—and I then spent a not inconsiderable amount on their underwear—which, for the most part have been quite pleasing. Depending upon the fabric, these are underwear that can easily be washed and dried quickly.

Dirty Fukker underwear first crossed my radar on the UndiesDrawer blog, and I checked them out. My first pair was a cotton boxer-brief style, the only style they had then. It was more about the brand at that point, and the undies were not ideal for day-to-day wear. This summer they introduced briefs and I bought a three-pack. Honestly, they might be the most comfortable pair of briefs I’ve ever owned, even if it lacks the condom pocket that the boxer-briefs sported.

My American Apparel underwear were purchased because they were colorful and made in downtown LA. The brand appeals to my fair-trade ethic, with workers who are paid living wages and not working in sweatshops. The style reminds me of the tight-whitey Fruit of the Loom briefs my Mom bought my 8 year old self, except that instead of being plain white, these are bright purple, bright green, and bright blue. They are great for the airplane, but I find them otherwise uncomfortable for day-to-day wear and cannot begin to imagine wearing them when out dancing.

I have other brands in my current underwear lineup including, believe it or not, three pair of Structure boxers that are rarely worn.

Oddly, my underwear collection is still incomplete. I still really want an unwashed pair of used underwear from some hot hunky man—something to snuggle with at bedtime. My email has sported several unsolicited offers like this one:


I am currently looking to sell some of my used underwear. I found your blog and read some of your entries.

I have a few nice ones such as Cocksoxs, ergowear and obviously.

I am an amrican asian, 23, 5’9″, 140lbs.

Let me know if you are interested, I can send you some pictures of me wearing the underwear before you decide.



P.S. you are one cute man

However Alfred didn’t include a photograph, and I didn’t request one because he’s in America: Shipping would have been insane and I bet the package would have been held at German Customs, requiring a personal visit from me.

Ultimately I have yet to follow through on Koko’s worst nightmare.

3 comments to Underwear(,) used.

  • koko

    I’m thankful that you’ve not found any used panties yet. *pukes* But OMG LOLOLOLOL at the email.

    Truth be told, I’d probably still love you if you got used panties…but I’d probably pass out when you told me the news. 😉

  • jen

    that e-mail message totally rocked. i didn’t know that you were into used undies.

  • @koko: I’ll make sure Boy is nearby when I tell you the used-news…

    @jen: I’m only passively into used undies. It really would have to be the right man for me to buy a used pair.