August 2008


Moulin Rougte

Moulin Route!Saturday was a feast of fun: Snooker and I ate, rode, listened, and looked our way through the Deutsch-Amerikanischen Volksfest.

We’d made a critical error in our planning process: Snooker found the website for the festival and forwarded it. I promptly clicked through and made a snap judgment: That looks really cool! Both of us neglected to actually read the website, so we ended up planning to meet at 1 for a festival that opened at 2. Fortunately the Volksfest was right next to the Allied Museum, a must for any WWII or Cold War buff, currently featuring a special exhibit covering the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.

Once we killed our extra hour, we headed back to the grounds where we ate spareribs while drinking (expensive) A&W Root Beer. It was a splendid start to our time at the fair. From there we toured the grounds and rode the rides, including bumper cars, a bruising “Katze und Maus” roller coaster, a trip through a horror house, and the Ferris Wheel.

Moulin Route!Kudos to Snooker for noticing what made the Ferris Wheel Extra Special—a casual read of the sign revealed it to be the Moulin Rouge Ferris Wheel—except for the fact that the g had been covered up with a “t”, making it the Moulin Route Ferris Wheel.

It didn’t dampen the joy of the ride: we soared above Berlin, looked out upon the city, and then back to the ground again before zooming back up to the top. It always takes me a few rotations to trust the Ferris Wheel—even though I like flying and going up tall buildings, I hate being on top of tall buildings and other exposed high spaces.

Interspersed with the rides we ate bad food (the “Mexican” food was a huge mistake, and Burger King need not fear the competition of a German Volksfest Cheeseburger) and played silly games winning silly prizes, like a stuffed good luck pig and a stuffed groundhog like animal.

The Monroe County Fair it was not, but as I predicted, it was a fair substitute.


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