August 2008


Now for sale!

Adam & Eva Brunch Spread
For sale at Edeka today…
I bought Adam.

12 comments to Now for sale!

  • I notice Eve has some nut oil in her. Just sayin’

  • disenchanted

    What the heck is that stuff?

  • Wow, no longer promoting blogs of your friends in the sidebar eh? Boo. Now I gotta change my routine. I’d come here to see if you had anything new, then navigate away using those links.

    Change is good, right?

    So is one of the flavors of this item apple by chance?

  • tqe / Adam

    @handbang8: you are soooooo right!

    @disenchanted: It’s a spread for bread and sandwiches.

    @cq: give me some time! I just finished updating the new software! I need to start formatting the sidebars–and figuring out where to put stuff in those sidebars… Give me until Sunday at least.

  • Ah, I gave it some thought after I made the comment and figured you must still be messing with it. 🙂

  • I hope the store management didn’t see you snapping photos inside their store! I took my video camera into a grocery store in St. Louis once (to film pink objects for a friend who loves pink) and the store management was on me in 30 seconds. They thought I was the “competition” doing price comparisons.

  • AJ

    Maybe the nutoil was left over from adam???? Good one to run by Monica……

  • Disenchanted

    Naw, the best store pix was the liquor/school supplies aisle from Louisiana.

    And then there was the meat pix at Food Lion. That was you right?

  • Cousin Chris

    Your new tagline bubbles look(s) like an acorn. Sometimes you feel like a nut…

    Did you ever find the vanilla whiskey that Ales “broke”?

  • tqe / Adam

    @cq: 🙂 Give me until Sunday night; and by the way, none of neither has an apple flavor. The left is ham and pepper, the right is fig with nut essence/oil.

    I learned after visiting the creation museum that Adam wasn’t given an apple by Eve–we really don’t know what the forbidden fruit is.

    @cq: the whole photo shoot took about 20 seconds from the time I decided to do it, to setting up the packages, whipping out the camera and snapping a photo…

    @AJ: where’s a blue dress when you need one…

    @Disenchanted: That Louisiana store was great… I should dig up the photo. As for Food Lion, I don’t think I ever actually took a photo. As I recall you stopped me, even as I was trying to reenact the 20/20 investigation.

    @Cousin Chris: Hmmm… the default image, as supplied by Movable Type. I’ll be changing that image soon; no doubt long before I ever find the bottle of whiskey that was broken… On the other hand I have another bottle of vanilla extract started.

  • @TQE: The worst Food Lion in the 20/20 investigate was right next to the military park here in Conservative Hell. The investigation happened a couple years before I got here, and the store was still open. Though you could see the impact of the investigation, that store was ALWAYS a ghost town.

    It’s a Big Lots now. LOL

  • Ed

    I learned in Sunday School about Adam and Eve and was told it was not an Apple they ate. Apples only produce fruit after a cold dormant period of which there was none in the garden of Eden. The Bible says it was a tree producing 12 different kinds of fruit. The only way God had to determine if a person loved him was if he was obedient. Of the thousands of trees God only asked them not to eat from that one or they would die. God intended for them to live forever. The Devil told them they wouldn’t die but would become like God. God is not man that he could lie and so both Adam and Eve are now dead. By one mans disobedience were many made sinners so by the obedience of one man (Jesus) shall many be made righteous. Romans 5:19