August 2008


Real v. Weimar Office

The problem with my real office is that there are at least two distractions that prevent me from getting work done: the Internet and my colleagues.

Unlike, say, the Weimar Office, where there is no WLAN (so I cannot surf) and there is a friendly staff of baristas who bring me excellent coffee and nice snacks whenever I ask.

At my real office I have to stand up and go to the coffee machine myself, and there’s no decaf so after I have my one caffeinated cup, I have no other options.

At the Weimar Office there is a parade of people coming in and out; a constantly changing scenery, which I like, and since they are there to drink coffee and get out, they don’t talk to me; plus since my German is bad and few of them speak English, it’s another isolating factor, one I really like.

I have some deadlines facing me in the next two weeks and I am trying to plow through a lot of work–Monday I’ll split my day with the morning in the Weimar Office and the afternoon in the real office, hopefully maximizing productivity.

Wednesday I leave town, heading to The Netherlands. Hopefully I can get a lot of work done whilst trapped on the ICE.

3 comments to Real v. Weimar Office

  • disenchanted

    SO JEALOUS! I wanta’ go to Nederland.

  • J

    Don’t ICEs have internet access now? I thought I remember reading something about that.

  • tqe / Adam

    @disenchanted: Please join me…

    @J: I think some of them do, but it’s not free, so I am discouraged from using it. None of the ICEs I’ve taken from Frankfurt to Weimar have it, as far as I know. Frankfurt to Amsterdam may be a different story.