August 2008


Foreign Complainers to Unite in Bremen!

I doubt there any expats-oriented readers of my blog in Germany that don’t read at least one, if not all, of the more famous expatriate blogs like Germany Doesn’t Suck, HeisseScheisse, or Cheeseburgers and Sauerkraut.

The Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up in one month’s time, September 27, is probably not news for such readers. In the event it is news, I am extending an invitation: Please join our group of complainers complaining about Germany, in English. We’ll be doing our complaining in Bremen, which, per the rumor mill, is a beautiful city undeserving this indignity.

The meet-up is more than a one day event; it spills over to adjoining days!

I’ll be arriving on Friday because it’s a five hour train ride from Weimar to Bremen, and there’s no way I am going to wake up early enough to catch a train that would get me there in time. Friday night there will be an early arrivals dinner–details to be announced. After dinner, those who are inclined (e.g. me) will head out to Römer Club for Bitter Sweet, the monthly Alternative Queer Party in Bremen. Free entrance before midnight, complete with specials on Becks and some cocktails.

Saturday is the main event! Last year, in Dresden, we took a river cruise and then wandered the streets before going out for dinner. This year I’m sure there will be similar excitement, but since I’m not familiar with the city, I’m not planning the adventure. Clair, of Cheeseburgers and Sauerkraut, is checking out the hotels and restaurants, posting updates to the meet-up’s group email.

Sunday there will be brunch before dispersion. Some whiners will stick around and enjoy more of Bremen’s offerings. Other whiners will head home to sleep off the exhausting weekend’s worth of entertainment.

You need not be an expatriate blogger to join us–Expatriates from all lands, bloggers, or even local readers are welcome to join us in Bremen. All that’s required is the ability to speak English, and if you’re a local, tolerate a bunch of foreigners complaining about your home country.

For the locals: If you doubt your ability to tolerate complaints about Germany, keep in mind that the Americans in the group are used to non-Americans complaining about all aspects of their native land: George W. Bush, Iraq, SUVs, and prudish behavior. I say suck it up and join us–you’ll gain a lot of insight into your native land from all the whiney expatriates all while having fun and meeting charming people.

To learn more, check out Germany Doesn’t Suck’s Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up Page, and join the Yahoo! Group to get all the details–including the impressive list of expected attendees.

I hope to see you there!

5 comments to Foreign Complainers to Unite in Bremen!

  • cat

    rather EXclusive group! Why not INclusive!

  • Man… I’m getting a lot of heat from the little lady about this one. FIL is running the Berlin Marathon on that Sunday… the guilt is getting thick.

  • J

    Thanks for the post, Adam, it’s gonna be a great time again.

    My blog? Famous? I do love your sense of humor.

  • tqe / Adam

    @cat: the vulgarities of language… it evolves so slowly…

    @Snooker: It would be great if you could make it, but if you cannot, I understand.

    @J: you’re welcome; and if I had to hazard a guess, i would put your blog at the top of the list when it comes to influential expatriate blogs based in Germany

  • Goodness, we have quite a neat queer contingent, no?