September 2008



As seen on the HBO Bill Maher Website (I added the bold):

Now you can listen to Bill and his roundtable guests whenever and wherever you want — with exclusive audio podcasts of Real Time with Bill Maher, available through iTunes®.

We are very sorry. At this time full episodes are only available for podcasts […]

No uprising here

For some reason, Friday night I was reminded of the time I was paid $60 to watch porn for an hour.

And with that warning, I might suggest that the body of this entry is NSFW, so be cautious clicking through.


This is not Vegas!

The Fourth Annual Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-up was great.

Getting together with 18 bloggers (including the Super-Sacks of German Expatriate Blogging!), and assorted “plus ones”, in Bremen was a great way to spend the weekend. It’s a genuine thrill to meet for the first time PapaScott, HeisseScheisse, and Deutschland über Elvis; as well as renewing […]

Wish You Were Here…

If last year was any guide, then the best Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up report will be one written by Ian in Hamburg.

So it is some humility (perhaps not as a writer but as a speaker of several memorable lines throughout the day), that I offer up some thoughts about Friday’s events.

I woke up […]

Toll Herbst

This is the first of three weekends where I am taking exciting trips to lands more distant an hour from Weimar.

Tomorrow I head up to Bremen for the Fourth Annual Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up. It’s not too late to join in; if you’re interested you should check out Germany Doesn’t Suck for more details.


Cure for the Common Cold

At least for men: Chicken Choking.

Screw the Sudafed: When your nose ain’t great, masturbate!

Money I can make…

Hi Adam,

I am interested in permanent placement of one paragraph each on the pages listed below:

https://www.elmada.com/?p=1859 https://www.elmada.com/?p=1359 https://www.elmada.com/?p=887 https://www.elmada.com/?p=46 https://www.elmada.com/?p=1107 https://www.elmada.com/?p=1579

I can offer you one time upfront payment of US$60($10 per placement).

About the paragraph: Paragraph placement will be for lifetime of the website for one-time payment. Paragraph will be 70-110 words […]

Don’t look that gift…

A week or so ago I popped into the big REWE supermarket located in downtown Weimar.

It’s always a bit exciting to visit one of the larger supermarkets in town because they offer so much more variety than the ones within a ten minute walk of my apartment. I was looking in the meat case […]

More on Matthew Shepard

The Casper Star Tribune published an article reflecting on the aforementioned New York Times article:

One of those interviewed was Laramie Mayor Klaus Hanson, a retired University of Wyoming languages professor who taught Matthew Shepard.

Hanson sat for a video-taped, hour-long interview by Kaufman on Saturday.

On Wednesday, shortly after the Times article appeared on-line, […]

Leipzig for Work

Strange to say but sometimes I am my most productive when I am isolated.

So without telling too many people, I took off Friday morning for Leipzig, where I ensconced myself in a coffee shop followed by a café followed by my hotel room, all in the name of getting work done—and I did. By […]