September 2008


That Domestic Feeling

I stayed in Weimar today, working at the Weimar Office, going through something that has a deadline of Monday.

It takes me about three solid hours before I hit burnout point–the point where my brain hurts and the thought of spending any more time on the project makes me want to scream. Instead of screaming, I paid for my Soy-Rice Milk Lattes (a new, and hopefully permanent, feature of the Weimar Office) and headed out into the Weimar wilds.

My first stop was the shocking close and overlooked sewing shop around the corner, where I purchased the needle and thread necessary for my winter quilting project. I found the shop to be a little intimidating–I cannot recall the last time I was in a sewing shop in the States–it’s not my ordinary hangout or my normal hobby. I found what I needed quickly–almost too quickly, it was just inside the door–further back were yards of fabric, balls of yarn, and buttons.

Two spools of thread and a package of 20 needles: 8,60€

Once at home, after a brief nap, I tackled email–found a disaster in my email–and then grabbed the enormous zucchini that a colleague gave me–after shredding about a quarter of it, I made zucchini bread–it’s still in the oven as I write this, and the kitchen is smelling fantastic.

The weather is actually conducive to baking: a bit on the cool side, but not oppressively cold.

If I were feeling really brave, I would grab the quilting kit and make my first cuts into the fabric.

Instead I am blogging.

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