September 2008


Suzi Homemaker Blog

Hi Everybody!

In response to J’s concern, I just wanted to welcome you to the new

Suzi Homemaker Blog!

Yes, instead of that awful nasty Queer Expatriate who does shit like travel places, take strange photos, and make snarky comments, from here on out, this blog is going to cover really interesting stuff like cleaning, sewing, and laundry.

Like the fact that Ms. Homemaker spent today cleaning the flat by putting away clothes, stacking old magazines, and washing dishes.

In between rounds of cleaning I watched episodes of an old soap opera for queers: Queer As Folk, the American version. And while doing that, I worked on my quilting project: five pieces of cloth cut, four seams stitched.

There was even time for beauty-rest in the middle of the day, albeit after booking tickets to the States during the upcoming holiday season–but that would be That Queer Expatriate speaking, not Suzi Homemaker.

And we don’t care about That Queer Expatriate.

4 comments to Suzi Homemaker Blog

  • Ed

    I like Miss Suzi Homewrecker er I mean Homemaker but I like the snarky guy too. My sister says you need a sewing machine made to do quilting unless you intend to do it by hand like the pilgrims did.

  • Hey Adam,

    If you want any tips on bread-making, ceramic stovetop cleaning, what’s the best vacuum to buy and how to shop for the best fruit and veg, just ask. Hey, even breeders can dance some of the time. 🙂

  • Hey… when Suzi is done at your place… send her on up to Berlin. I’ve got a house she can enjoy for hours!!!!!

    Are you going to be joining a Quilting Bee or anything?

  • J

    Ha ha ha ha!

    Okay, I deserved that. It just seems like more and more blogs are becoming about knitting, kids or home decorating nowadays.