September 2008


Sylvester Planning

Since moving to Germany, I have never spent New Year’s Eve in Germany.

My first year I partied in Prague, the second year I found myself in Kyiv, the third year was spent sleeping, preparing for an early morning flight, and last year I was in Guadalajara.

Three of the four were memorable for all the right reasons: In Prague I learned that wearing boots during public street parties was a wise idea and that dancing all night long was a blast. In Kyiv I was a member of the family, drinking gallons of vodka and meeting Grandfather Frost for the first time. Guadalajara was totally awesome, with lots of dancing, touring, and two awesome friends to hang out with.

The only dud, so to speak, was the night I slept because I had an early morning flight.

This year I’d suggested to three friends that we meet in New Orleans for a week and celebrate New Year’s Eve there–tickets to New Orleans from Denver were substantially less expensive than tickets to anywhere in Mexico (on the order of US$3-400), and, despite the Sugar Bowl, I thought the costs on the ground wouldn’t be too bad.

Unfortunately my preferred Christmas travel dates were unaffordable and the less expensive alternatives were still expensive, so I ended up booking for Thanksgiving.

I still want to do something interesting for New Year’s Eve–and since I’m not going to the States, the rest of the world opened up. As long as there are frequent flier tickets, I can go pretty much anywhere in the world. Right now my list consists of South Korea, Japan, Bangkok, Kula Lumpur, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The target is to depart on December 27 or 28, and return on or around January 4, 2009–giving me approximately a week abroad.

I’m open to suggestions, with really only two caveats: First, I am unwilling to apply for a visa in advance, so wherever I go must issue visas upon arrival to Americans; and Second, I’d rather the ground costs be relatively low, which probably eliminates Singapore and Hong Kong from consideration, as well as Tokyo.

Your suggestions are appreciated.

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  • koko

    my suggestion isn’t very useful. but you should take me. of course at no cost to me. 😛

    i really enjoyed costa rica (and was there for NYE). i was in a little remote village and they had fireworks, booze, and food. everyone from the village made something to sell, the money went towards paving the road that nobody could get up. it will be towards the end of the rainy season but it’s not that bad…just little bursts of rain.

  • Reko

    Adam, Hi! I wish that you and I could spend Sylvester together in Ulaan Baator.

  • Adam, Tokyo ain’t dirt cheap. But it doesn’t have to be too expensive, either.

    With a little searching, you can pick up a single room at a travelling-salesman-type hotel.

    For example: This one is, literally, around the corner from our old place. The neighbourhood is right in the centre of town, and abundantly served by public transport. A single subway stop to the Roppongi nightlife district and an easy few stops to Shibuya for partying.


    I blogged about the new year 2007, which you can find in my archives FWIW.

    The gay neighbourhood, Nichome (short for shinjuku 2-chome) is a little tricky to find.

    http://www.utopia-asia.com/tokybars.htm or http://www.japanvisitor.com/index.php?cID=362&pID=1074

    For accomodation in Ni-chome: See http://www.utopia-asia.com/accjapn.htm.

    I met my other half in GB, by the way!

    And to save dosh, eat at 7-11. I’m not kidding. And you can always find a cheap Komoro ramen shop for some McNoodles.

  • I have never been to any of those place, so no suggestions. Just a little note on looking forward to living vicariously through you!