September 2008


WordPress Convert

I finally decided that I couldn’t deal with the latest MovableType upgrades — and that it was too complicated to do things I thought should be easy, so I decided to change software.  So many people use WordPress and don’t seem to have issues, that I’m going to gamble on it.

Please bare with me as I mess around with it, getting the design I want.

7 comments to WordPress Convert

  • Well, I wouldn’t say that WordPress has no issues… it just has different issues. 🙂

    I switched back and forth a couple of times, and ended up sticking with WordPress. It’s simpler, and if you have some special thing you want, chances are someone has already written a plugin to do it.

  • koko

    I’m glad you’ve switched. Commenting is much faster! 🙂 I enjoy wordpress myself.

  • Reko

    I’ve got three words for your new blog: byoo – tee – full

  • Thanks for publishing a comments feed now!

  • J

    I’ve been quite satisfied with WP since I switched from Blogger several months ago.

  • @Scott: WordPress 2.6.2 is so much easier than MovableType 4.2xx that I cannot begin to compare. MT might be better for some specific cases, but for a low volume blogger like me, this is heaven.

    @koko: I am glad it is faster!

    @Reko: Donkey-Chain

    @cliff: you’re welcome….

    @J: I cannot compare to blogger, but from an end-user standpoint, I find blogger blogs annoying to comment on!

  • I agree Blogger blogs are super irritating to comment on! Sometimes when they come up in new windows, I can’t even scroll down to actually comment. Hope you like WordPress – it works amazingly for me. And the plugins do anything that is missing. If you want some plug in suggestions, let me know. =)