September 2008


Oh the places I could go…

After upgrading to WordPress Friday, I got sick.

Not hugely ill, mind you, just a cold that gave me that mild out of body experience. I also slept a lot Saturday and Sunday.

In between I worked on three things: First I started fixing the internal links for my blog. With over 1,500 posts, I have a bunch of internal links that worked with MovableType, but because I switched to WordPress, no longer work. Heck, some of the internal links didn’t work after I upgraded to the newest version of MT, and I didn’t bother to fix them. Secondly I have a work project that I spent some time working on, but then gave up because it was too mentally taxing. The third thing I worked on was passively researching my New Year’s travel plans.

The New Year’s planning is not going well. There are so many choices and so much to think about that I just need to make a decision and stick with it.

That said, some of it has been amusing. I went ahead and looked at the tourism website for one place that’s not even on my short list due to Visa concerns:

If you have decided to discover Primorsky region, it is necessary to be arranged, find comfortably cozy hotel in which it is possible to leave luggage and whence it is possible to begin research of unexplored territories. On the hotel choice, your opinion about the traveling and a place of stay directly depends on: if it seems to you a provincial and thrown, or on the contrary civilized and modern.

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with the Primorsky region, it’s the home of Vladivostok, Russia.

Beyond that I’m 60% certain I am going to try to visit Bangkok, although given the current ticket prices, I suspect free tickets might be impossible, so I might fly to Hong Kong and then fly from there to Bangkok on one of the region’s many low-cost carriers. The problem with Bangkok, for me right now, is that I don’t actually have any guides to the country and the city seems incredibly complicated. Of course, I suppose New York City could seem complicated to the uninitiated, so it’s probably just a matter of getting a map of the city, a good book, and doing a bit of studying.

Of course that leaves a 40% chance that I will go somewhere else—Lima, Peru, and Japan (thanks for your Tokyo advice, headbang8) are in that 40%.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

9 comments to Oh the places I could go…

  • Jul

    Tokyo is possibly my favorite place on the whole planet. Regardless of what Headbang has to say.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  • I’m really feeling like I need a foreign trip. Soon. LEt’s see if my passport comes soon.

    I’d also have to cash-in SkyTeam miles, and I have enough for Tokyo. Seoul for that matter, as it would be easier to get to.

  • It may seem like horror now, but trust me WordPress is amazing! Just the plugins and stats tracking make it worth it alone. Feel better! Seems like everyone is getting sick. The weather here just turned crisp, and sniffles abound.

  • jen

    i’m sorry you’re sick, but jealous you get to travel somewhere exotic.

  • Ed

    Vladivostok, isn’t that near the Governor of Alaska’s house? She is running for Vice-President under the authority that you can see Russia from her house so she is well informed about foriegn affairs. This holy Roller has an unwed pregnant daughter and is against sex education in schools.

  • @Jul: I think Headbang8 likes Tokyo, besides its expensive nature.

    @CQ: Hmmm… maybe something can happen.

    @New WrldYankee: WordPress is no horror — in fact it seems almost too easy, if you ask me.

    @jen: 🙂 thanks! The travel wheel is still spinning.

    @ed: Vladivostok is right around the corner from her house; I think she can see it from wherever she is, right now.

  • J

    Let me see if I can find an old Bangkok guide for you and bring it to the Meet-Up. I haven’t got a clue as to where it is and most things are still in boxes, so I can’t guarantee anything, but surely can give you some tips and things like that if you tell me what you’re looking for.

    As far as the low cost carriers go, apparently they’re facing the same crunch as carriers in the US are and they reducing their service (I’m having a problem finding a flight to Ho Chi Minh City from BKK for a reasonable price).

  • LB

    Air Asia is pretty good and can get you all over south east asia cheaply. A little on the dodgy side but you’ll get there… You might even be able to do both Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. I went to both on my own – KL I loved, really easy to get around and no problem for a single (female) traveler. Bangkok I found kind of stressful – but I got the hang of it after a few days. I think the trick with Bangkok is to find the right place to stay – because traveling around the city, unless by river, or unless you’re right by the monorail, is a real headache if you’re used to being able to walk places.

  • J

    Of course, right after I made that post I checked the Air Asia (www.airasia.com) website and found that their HK – BKK route was being offered for 0 THB and only taxes and charges.

    Booking Period : until 21 Sep 2008
    Travel Period : 26 Oct 2008 – 28 Mar 2009
    (they might charge for a checked bag now)

    I’ve been using Air Asia for years and don’t find them dodgy at all.