September 2008


Leipzig for Work

Strange to say but sometimes I am my most productive when I am isolated.

So without telling too many people, I took off Friday morning for Leipzig, where I ensconced myself in a coffee shop followed by a café followed by my hotel room, all in the name of getting work done—and I did. By isolating myself I managed to plow through a lot of stuff—although progress was slow during the day due to some surprising problems.

Meanwhile it was a chance for me to reacquaint myself with my favorite German city—favorite by every measure, except, I might note, by restaurants. I still haven’t found one that’s good. I went to an inexpensive one yesterday, but the dish I ordered seemed to lack flavor of any kind, and, as it is eastern Germany, it took me 15 minutes to track down salt and pepper.

Mad Props due Motel One. The Leipzig Stadtcentrum is a well defined ring, and inside the ring I can think of two über-expensive hotels and two overpriced Accor hotels. All other hotels are outside this ring-some are only across the street, but the streets defining the ring are wide and annoying to cross on foot. Right smack in the middle of the city center there are some pieces of undeveloped property, and one site, right next to Nikolaikirche, is the site of a Motel One under construction. I’ve stayed at Motel One’s before and while they aren’t always the best price/value ratios available, this one is going to have the most perfect location possible for the city. Once it’s open, I know where I’ll be staying.

Beyond the hotel construction, the city continues to have a charming bustling nature to it with lots of people on the streets and lots of interesting shops to poke around in. When I needed breaks, it was easy to find distractions, although I managed not to spend money on anything except food and lodging.

Plus, I checked out the G-Garage, which was closed when I came with No Nickname Guy, back in February. It is permanently closed, even as its website spins in cyberspace. The site is now Club Basement, which was closed last night for a private party. Tonight is Ga(y)rage, but I will be back home by then.

C’est la vie.

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