September 2008


More on Matthew Shepard

The Casper Star Tribune published an article reflecting on the aforementioned New York Times article:

One of those interviewed was Laramie Mayor Klaus Hanson, a retired University of Wyoming languages professor who taught Matthew Shepard.

Hanson sat for a video-taped, hour-long interview by Kaufman on Saturday.

On Wednesday, shortly after the Times article appeared on-line, Hanson received an e-mail from a California woman expressing shock and abhorrence that nothing was planned to commemorate Shepard’s death and offering to make a contribution toward that end.

Hanson located the Times article and was astonished to see that it only mentioned one small exchange from the interview.

‘Kaufman’s questions were directed to whether Laramie has changed so I concentrated on that,” Hanson told the Star-Tribune. “And then all of a sudden he asked, ‘What are you doing to commemorate the anniversary?”

According to the Times article, Hanson said nothing was planned but that ‘now that you have touched upon it, I will need to rethink it.’ The Times article says Kaufman, in an interview later, ‘shook with anger that Mr. Hanson was not doing anything to commemorate the anniversary.’

‘That got me upset,’ Hanson said Thursday. ‘He didn’t react at all at the time. He could have said something. They came here with the hope that Laramie has changed, but from what I have observed now it seems they came here with the proviso they would find what they want to find.’

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  • Ed

    The Matthew Wayne Shepard memorial bench is nice except it doesn’t say that Matthew was beaten to death because he was Gay. We still need a national hate crimes bill. We still need to vote for those who believe in the rights of every American.