September 2008



My bottle of Menthol Shampoo, next to my other shower supplies.

After yesterday’s Wandertag, I returned to Weimar and got my haircut from my favorite European stylist.

He’s the only person I interact with on a regular basis who doesn’t speak English, and by not speaking English, I mean he only knows the most […]

Wandertag: Naumburg (Saale)

Today was my office’s annual Wandertag.

Wandertag, which would translate loosely as “Hiking Day” is a great German tradition, and this year we wandered off to Naumburg (Saale) to explore its famous cathedral, tour the city, and eat lunch as a group.

For the record, Naumburg (Saale) is about 50 kilometers east and a little […]

Note to DataLounge Readers/Users

I am not the OP, “Can’t stop thinking about him” of the thread entitled “Hot guy flirted with me today.”

That post violates DataLounge’s Terms of Use, specifically the points:

Please do not intentionally make false or misleading statements (or you may not get re-elected).


Please do not post material that infringes copyright.

On […]

Closing In On Ten Years…

We are now less than a month from the ten year anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s death.

The New York Times visited Laramie with writers of The Laramie Project, and, in addition to the article, putting together a series of photographs related to the entire mess to help visualize everything.

The crime had a major impact […]

Entering the Danger Zone

Really, there are times it’s great to be an American and times it is a royal pain-in-the-ass.

Right now it’s one of the later.

It’s so bad that I have gone on the offensive, and when I’m in a group where I am the resident American, I’ve taken to asking the question first: What do […]

Gay Thüringen Guide

This was last updated 14 September 2008

This page is no longer updated. The author is no longer living in Thüringen.

It’s suddenly come to my attention that the Gay Thüringen website closed down.

And in the spirit of speedy discovery and announcements, it “died” August 27, 2007; I noticed February […]

Oh the places I could go…

After upgrading to WordPress Friday, I got sick.

Not hugely ill, mind you, just a cold that gave me that mild out of body experience. I also slept a lot Saturday and Sunday.

In between I worked on three things: First I started fixing the internal links for my blog. With over 1,500 posts, I […]

This is too easy…

Wow, it’s been just about a day since I decided to bite the bullet and install WordPress on my site, replacing MovableType.

I should have done it sooner.

Honestly, the only time MovableType ever completely worked for me was with my first installation back at version 2.6. There was a version in the middle where […]

WordPress Convert

I finally decided that I couldn’t deal with the latest MovableType upgrades — and that it was too complicated to do things I thought should be easy, so I decided to change software. So many people use WordPress and don’t seem to have issues, that I’m going to gamble on it.

Please bare with me […]

Koko: I am NOT buying…

Michael Jackson’s used, dirty underwear on ebay.