October 2008


Dear Senator Lugar,

I am a constituent of yours who currently lives in Germany. Before moving out of the US, I lived and voted in Bloomington, Indiana. Therefore, although I now reside in Weimar, Germany, as a US citizen, I still vote in Indiana

Senator Lugar, you are, without a doubt, the finest US Senator I’ve ever had […]


nwa A330-300 wing from 10A

Yesterday marked the beginning of the end of my airline, Northwest Airlines.

The moment came when the Department of Justice announced they had no objections to the merger of Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Within a few short hours, the merger formally happened and by the time I […]

Republican Sleeze

After seeing the ad below, I’m not sure I can ever vote for a Republican again. I can’t believe how badly the brand is damaged from George W. Bush, Palin, and now this? Unbelievable.


So this morning I was eating my favorite breakfast: Kolln Müsli Schoko when I bit into something hard.

Fishing it out of my mouth, I looked at it and thought, that’s odd: that doesn’t look like a rock. My tongue went into immediate search mode and a split second later I realized, I had broken […]

Just One Week

I’m a little bit exhausted—this election cycle has lasted way too long.

Now I am starting to allow myself to feel hopeful—it’s really possible that the election will go the way it needs to go.

Time goes by, so slowly.

Shopper’s Paradise

The new Lidl, a scant 2 minutes and 7 seconds from my apartment, is now open.

It opened a mere 3 minutes after I passed it this morning on my way to work—so I didn’t have time to look through its offerings, but this evening on my way home, I took a look.

Honestly, it […]

Poor Design

As I noted yesterday (for the umpteenth time), Weimar is in love with Goethe and Schiller.

It also fancies itself as the European Capital of Culture—which is was nearly a decade ago in 1999. The trappings of refinement are everywhere you go in Weimar—Goethe and Schiller are fêted as heroes, art museums are celebrated, and […]

Bauhaus Goethe und Schiller

New Goethe & Schiller Cookie Cutters!

Today I broke my pattern and instead of going directly to and from the Weimar Office, I wandered through town after Coffee and Cake.

It was no surprise to me when I found the most recent permutation of Weimar’s never ending Goethe and Schiller worship: The Cookie Cutters.


Photo Update

When I work at the Weimar Office, I usually last about three to four hours before I need to get up and go. Today I lasted only 2.5 hours because I was examining page proofs. The page proofs are in really good shape and I am pleased with the quality, but it’s a very intense […]

Monroe County, Indiana, Absentee Election Email

Dear Ms McCarty,

Attached please find a scan of my affidavit acknowledging a voluntary waiver of secret ballot.

For the office of President and Vice President, I vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

For the office of United States Representative, District 9, I vote for Baron P. Hill.

I would appreciate acknowledgment that this […]