October 2008


Dire Emergency

I got the note below from the American Family Association and by God, I am now worried! Pastor Don is convinced that the world will end if the liberals win.

If you think things are bad now, just wait

October 8, 2008

Dear Adam,

The upcoming election is the most critical election in the history of our nation. The very future of our nation’s foundation is at stake. Every person will be affected. If the liberals win, then our foundation will no longer be based on the traditional Judeo-Christian morality. It will gradually but assuredly be based on an ever shifting, ever moving foundation. If the liberals win, the damage can’t be stopped with elections two, four or forty years from now. America will forever be changed. We will keep seeing a gradual and growing hostility toward people of faith, especially Christians. The morals of our nation will continue to decline. Our children and grandchildren will pay the price.

In case you may think I’m a “the sky is falling” type of person, you should know: When it comes to predictions, I am a very reserved person. But not on this one. I cannot overstate the damage a liberal victory will do to our country. The upcoming election is the most important in the history of our nation. Yes, if the liberals win you will lose some of your religious freedoms and free speech rights. Churches and pastors will not be exempt. You will not be allowed to say certain things about a particular group. Every item of the homosexual agenda will be approved. All the laws protecting the unborn will be wiped away.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of the Nov. 4 election. That is why I urge you to vote and encourage your family members, friends, Sunday School class and church members to vote. America’s future – the future of your children and grandchildren – is at stake.



Donald E. Wildmon,
Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

The part I fail to understand is how anybody can believe him, but what do I know. I’m just that queer expatriate.

9 comments to Dire Emergency

  • I’m definitely shaking over here.

  • “…We will keep seeing a gradual and growing hostility toward people of faith, especially Christians. The morals of our nation will continue to decline. Our children and grandchildren will pay the price…”

    As opposed to the open hostility Mr. Wildmon probably holds towards anything, well, not Christian. He seems to have no problem making you and I pay the price via the religious establishments scapegoating us to win elections. He’d probably send all the queers to the ovens if he had his way.

    Dear Mr. Wildmon,
    Leave us alone, we’ll leave you alone.

    Apparently he likes the free speech part of the first amendment but not the lack of establishing a government religion, which is mentioned in the same paragraph.

  • Unbelievable…and then again, not really. This is why the founding fathers thought it necessary to separate church and state.


  • Ed

    There are millions of “Christians” who believe every word Mr. Wildmon says. My parents pastor told them that God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah if he doesn’t destroy the U.S. of A. If God truly hates Gay’s then why doesn’t he kill us all? Instead, I think He loves all his children but frowns on those who spout hatred.

  • @CN: It’s a huge earthquake…

    @CQ: Except free speech will be limited by liberals. Didn’t you read his letter?

    @Diane: I doubt the founding fathers could have fathomed this kind of thought…

    @Ed: Ack! That’s scary!

  • Adam, I don’t know how you manage to receive this garbage. On the rare occasions this crap makes it into my e-mail, I immediately delete and spam mark it, lest it make me vomit.

    Good for you for using their own propaganda against them. You have a far stronger stomach than I.

  • jen

    i’m not surprised about the letter. every faith has their own zealots that live in fantasy land ruining life for the other down-to-earth members of their denomination. anyway, i’m really excited abot bill mahr’s movie. are you going to see it?

  • I am so glad you are going to tell your sunday school class to vote…You are quite the patriot!

  • @Sarah: I signed up for the list, so its my own fault… i like the fact it lets me counter the AFA using their own tools…

    @jen: I want to see it. I just hope I am some place where it is showing.

    @NewWrldYankee: I’ll tell them to vote Green… at least in Germany.