October 2008



I suppose it is hardly news, but I must confess, McCain is turning out to be even sleazier than I could have possibly anticipated.

And it seems endemic to all Republicans.

I was reading one of the British Quality papers a day or two ago, and the Obama campaign has a squad of people who are out to squash untrue rumors and provide the truth. One of the untruths that Republicans seem to enjoy spreading is that Obama is Muslim. I find it hard to believe that anybody could believe this rumor—but it’s frustrating to me because there is absolutely no reason that it should matter. So what if Obama was Muslim? It’s implied that all Muslims are terrorists out to destroy the American Way. It’s further implied, of course, that Christians are pure and wonderful.

Actually there’s a lot here that I don’t understand—I read in this quality paper that there’s an effort afoot for younger Jews to visit or call their grandparents in Florida. Their job: encourage their elders to vote for Obama instead of McCain because apparently a lot of older Jews are going to vote for McCain because that whack-job Joe Lieberman has been going around telling them to vote for McCain. This suggests a degree of self hatred that is hard for me to fathom—it’s like a gay person voting Republican and volunteering for electroshock therapy—only Jews seem to be voting for the second coming of Jesus.

McCain and his cronies have pushed hate so far that their supports think it’s ok to answer the question “Who is Obama?”, with the answer “Terrorist”. Their supporters think that it’s cool to shout “kill him” at the mention of Obama’s name.

It’s stunning that McCain and Palin have only tried to temper their supporters since it was pointed out how awful their supporters are—but the supporters aren’t taking the corrections that easily—they know that their bigotry and racism is true and honest.

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    That’s a Sarah Silverman campain ad- you should google it and watch it on Youtube, it’s quite funny.

    The reason that elderly Jews could vote for McCain is because they fear Obama’s stance on Israel. For many, that is a trigger issue. For me, there are other issues where, no matter how much I agree with someone, I will not vote for them if we disagree on that. Israel is one of those, btw. But I trust Obama. (If I am wrong, may he be struck by lightning.) However, many groups trusted by the elderly can point at the differences between the two and McCain is a friend to Israel. Just not to the economy, the ordinary people, women, or homosexuals. In my opinion.

  • Here are the people that still think Obama is a Muslim. Scary, huh?

  • I cannot believe people honestly believe that he is Muslim – I love that they can make a stink about an outspoken Baptist preacher he had, and declare that at the same time. Isn’t that contradictory?