October 2008


Monroe County, Indiana, Absentee Election Email

Dear Ms McCarty,

Attached please find a scan of my affidavit acknowledging a voluntary waiver of secret ballot.

For the office of President and Vice President, I vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

For the office of United States Representative, District 9, I vote for Baron P. Hill.

I would appreciate acknowledgment that this email has been received, and good luck during the election!

Adam Lederer

7 comments to Monroe County, Indiana, Absentee Election Email

  • Ed

    I voted last Saturday. I voted for the same first two that you did except I’m in the 8th district so I voted for Ellsworth instead of Hill.

  • disenchanted

    I’m waiting for election day … it’s a big deal for us. The Coach is off of school, so we’ll get up early, vote, and go to breakfast. Then we’ll spend the night watching the returns come in. It’s better than the Super Bowl!

  • @Disenchanted: Yes, much better. Especially since we know our candidate only has to pick-up one toss-up state at this point and his opponent has to “run the board” to even hope of winning.

    Oh, and if by some long shot the McPain/Failin’ ticket wins, I’m *very* likely to exercise my dual-citizenship rights. 😉

  • jen

    i voted early last week and the booths were PACKED. i got to vote on an old skool paper ballot in private becuause i was with the baby and he was starting to get fussy. what service! someone fed blasto cookies while i sat at a desk with a scantron sheet.

  • Your ballot has been received.

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    From: Adam Lederer
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