October 2008


Republican Sleeze

After seeing the ad below, I’m not sure I can ever vote for a Republican again. I can’t believe how badly the brand is damaged from George W. Bush, Palin, and now this? Unbelievable.

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  • Ugh. That’s, unfortunately, my senator Dole from NC. Thanks for posting this commercial. I’d heard about it, but not seen it. Shameful!

  • omgz they’re gonna take god away

  • disenchanted

    Campbell Brown (of CNN) bashed Dole for this ad today.

  • Jul

    Perhaps I’m just in a particularly pessimistic mood today, but that commercial didn’t surprise me at all.

    If elected, I promise to outlaw god!

  • @Diane: Hopefully she won’t be your senator for much longer. She must be insane… maybe her husband isn’t taking his Viagra any more.

    @CN: Shocking

    @disenchanted: Dole should be ashamed of herself. I wonder if she was always this insane or if its part of her growing old.

    @Jul: Can I vote for you?

  • Hagan is now suing Dole for libel and defamation of charachter.

    Just thought you’d like to know.

    Kay Hagan has been my state senator for a few years now and as far as I can tell has done a better than average job.

    The Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee has also been running ads here about how nobody had heard of Hagan until the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee pumped millions into her campaign, as if Hagan is a carpet bagger. A claim that could more adequately describe Dole since she didn’t live in North Carolina for the better part of 40 years before she flew in, registered to vote, and launched her last Senate campaign all in the same day. Mind you, this was 2 years after the Republicans bitched about Hillary Clinton doing basically the same thing in New York.

    Let’s hope my vote is the one that sends this Beeeatch Dole packing.