October 2008


Dear Senator Lugar,

I am a constituent of yours who currently lives in Germany. Before moving out of the US, I lived and voted in Bloomington, Indiana.  Therefore, although I now reside in Weimar, Germany, as a US citizen, I still vote in Indiana

Senator Lugar, you are, without a doubt, the finest US Senator I’ve ever had the privilege to vote for, an honor I only received upon moving to the Great State of Indiana. Prior to being your constituent, as an adult I was represented by Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colorado), Hank Brown (R-Colorado), and Wayne Allard (R-Colorado).

Not one of them ever made me believe the way that you made me believe—and it comes down to one simple issue.

Nuclear Weapons and nonproliferation.

There is no US Senator with a better record on this issue that is so incredibly important and yet so rarely talked about. When it comes to global security issues, this one is far and away the most important one and it is incredibly comforting to me knowing that you are working on this issue.

I cannot thank you enough.

Honestly, there’s only one thing that puzzles me about you and your service in the US Senate. As far as I can tell you are a decent, honest, and intelligent person, and yet you are a member of the Republican Party.

I realize that, once upon a time, the Republican Party was a big tent party—a party full of fiscal conservatives who were more worried about government spending than what people do in the bedroom. A party advocating strong defense while keeping church and state separated. This was a Republican Party I could respect, and, I believe, it is the Republican Party that you, Dick, are a member of. Unfortunately that party is so tiny and so overwhelmed by what I can only describe as wombat crazy idiots, that I have a humble suggestion for you.

Please. Get. Out.

Now while I would strongly prefer that you joined the Democratic Party, I would be content if you became an independent.

I say this because I don’t believe that you are a member of the Republican Party that suggests that there are “Pro-America” parts of the USA when we all know that all of America is American. I don’t believe that you are a member of the Republican Party that thinks it is right to demonize opponents by suggesting that accepting money from US citizens who are not a member of a church is unpatriotic. I don’t believe that you are a member of the Republican Party that thinks it is right to suggest that other US Senators and Representatives should be investigated for “UnAmerican Beliefs.”


Adam Lederer
Expatriate. Constituent.

P.S. Quit the Republican Pary and I’ll contribute to the Lugar 2012 campaign fund.

11 comments to Dear Senator Lugar,

  • and yes, I actually emailed this letter. If I get a response, I’ll be sure to post it.

  • Wombat crazy idiots. Oh my! You certainly nailed that one.

  • disenchanted

    I think there are many Republicans that are pretty embarrassed by this year’s rhetoric. Ugh.

  • @cq: I tried to be polite in my letter. Senator Lugar is a class act and I admire him very much. I think if he were to leave the Republican Party it would either (a) be a warning shot for the Republicans that they’ve lost touch, or (b) be the nail in the coffin giving control to the religious fundamentalists who want the US to be the Christian version of Iran.

    @disenchanted: I want the decent Republicans to stand up and start confronting the awful rhetoric coming from their own party. Both that Congresswoman from Minnesota and that Senator from North Carolina are despicable individuals who need public shaming–kind of like the one Ted Stevens is getting.

  • Good on you, Adam! Maybe if you can get more of Lugar’s constituents to write him something similar, he (and other rational Republicans) might stand up and publicly repudiate loons like Ol’ Crazy-Eyes Bachmann and her cronies.

  • Ed

    As a fellow constituent of Sen. Lugar’s I agree with everything you said. A friend of mine has a sister that married Sen. Lugar’s son. He said that Sen. Lugar thinks Bush is a joke. I hope Sen. Lugar does change parties for his sake. If not I believe he has served his last term. The Democrats will run a conservative like Ellsworth against him next time. If he changes to become Independent he won’t have a large enough constiuency to stay in office. I think his only recourse is to become a proud Democrat or stay in the party of Wombat crazy idiots. lol ed

  • @Sarah: Thanks! I should post his email address: senator_lugar@lugar.senate.gov

    @Ed: I hope he becomes Secretary of State, or something really important in the Obama administration. He’s a RINO.

  • While Senator Lugar would probably make a fine Secretary of State for an Obama administration, I’d prefer he stay put in the senate as a swing vote. The governor of IN is a Republican, and if Lugar left to be SoS, Odds are he’d be replaced with some bible thumping, vitriolic, Bush KoolAid drinking, idiot.

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