Foggy Weather

Now I realize that I could pontificate about that major event happening tomorrow, but I figure that all of my eligible readers have either already played their part, or will play their part—and they know who to vote for.

Instead I am going to talk about the weather.

It’s been foggy these last few days, really starting on Saturday. At times it hasn’t been that bad, but this morning it was pretty thick and I couldn’t see the trains until they were almost at the platforms.

As winter slowly approaches, some of my colleagues have suggested that this is going to be a long miserable winter—which was defined today as cold, overcast, and no snow until March. That’s not exactly how I would define a miserable winter—for me it would be cold, overcast, and lots of snow. I have shoveled way too much of it in my lifetime, and in recent years, trips to see the folks have been accompanied by blizzards where I’ve been the one to shovel the snow. As long as there are a few sunny days here and there, I can take the lack of snow.

On the plus side for the foggy weather, the Weimar Office extended its opening hours until 10pm—perfect for those cold evenings when I feel like taking a walk to drink hot tea and read a book.

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