Strange Times

This morning I was reflecting in the shower about the election—and I came up with a list of the four strangest people of this year and ranked them from awful to horrific.

Then I realized that all four people were women.

So it is with heavy heart that I ask my female readers to forgive me. Perhaps it is a sign that gender equity has arrived that the four wombat crazy idiots of the year are women—usually such awards belong to the men. John McCain didn’t make the list because I think he doesn’t exist anymore: I think he allowed himself to be taken over by a bunch of backroom Rove like operatives just because he really wanted to be president. Maybe that puts him in fifth place—I’ll have to think about it.

Fourth Place: Sarah Palin

I guess it’s not a big surprise that she’s on the list. She’s on the list for two reasons.

First she divided America in to the Pro-America parts and, presumably, the anti-American parts. I’m not sure what she was trying to achieve with this rhetoric, but it’s clearly the sign of somebody who isn’t in touch with reality. Everybody who is a US citizen is an American, no matter where they live, and all territory controlled by the government of the United States of America are parts of America

Secondly, she feels that journalists questioning her attacks of Obama threaten the US Constitution. Seriously.

Third Place: Senator Dole

Liz Dole is on the list because of her outrageous ads suggesting that atheists Americans are unpatriotic and that political campaigns should not take money from, and I quote, “Godless Americans”. I complained about her first ad already, but the follow up is even worse, asking the question, “if Godless Americans threw a party in your honor, would you go?”

Liz, let me ask you a question: Should an American citizen’s faith determine access to their elected officials or candidates for office?

Second Place: Michelle Bachmann

After questioning the patriotism of her fellow Congressmen and Congresswomen, stunningly the outcome of Michelle’s reelection is still possible.

First Place: Detroit’s Shirley Nagel

Finally I have to hand it to the 2008 Bitch of the Year, a cold-heartless wench hailing from suburban Detroit, that would only give candy to McCain supporters, or kids who parents were voting for McCain.  Pushing presidential politics onto Halloween is terrible. She should have just turned off the lights and not handed anything out at all.

7 comments to Strange Times

  • Ugh – Grosse Pointe X (‘X’ can stand for ‘Woods’, ‘Farms’, etc.)…in my experience, they certainly all aren’t like that, but I must say I’m less surprised to hear it’s from that corner of the Metro Detroit area.

    What a piece of work.

  • I think #s 2 and 4 are the worst. I have no speakable words for their smug, nasty, condescending bullshit….arghhghgh

  • jen

    only handing out candy to mc cain supporters, srsly? (((sigh)))

    as for sarah mccailin’s views on what is ‘real america’, why that’s just another word for WASP.

    i don’t like WASPs. they sting and make my arm swell.

  • koko

    sadly, i really didn’t like the lady who was up against mitch. i don’t know what it is about women this year but they are scary!

  • @cliff: She must be certifiably nuts.

    @CN: bringing little kids into this mess is awful… so much about this is awful.

    @jen: I bet she has a miserable life for the rest of the year. Or until she dies…

    @koko: its a twisted year, that much is certain. Two hours until Indiana closes.

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  • disenchanted

    @Koko: Yeah, the Dem Candidate in Indiana was quite odd. A bad choice. And now, a loser.