No Heart Attacks Now…

Finish lines are dangerous.

Take this year’s New York City Marathon where two died shortly after crossing the finish line—admittedly that was out of 37,899 participants, but it is still sad and scary.

So you can understand how nervous I felt as the presidential race approached the finish line early Wednesday morning (ok, late Tuesday night for people in the States).

No matter how awful Republican rhetoric has been this election cycle (and I realize Democrats are not necessarily innocent), I want to acknowledge that this US Presidential election cycle has been the longest and most arduous ever experienced.

Keep this in mind: Obama formally announced his exploratory committee on February 10, 2007—roughly 21 months before the election. John McCain was not long in following: April 25, 2007. I can’t remember any previous presidential election starting so early—I mean, people were asking me my favorites over a year ago—would it be Hillary or Obama? (Not realizing, of course, that it would actually be either Hillary or Obama against a Republican TBA.)

Honestly, both candidates have my respect taking up the challenge of running for office. While I will agree that the process doesn’t always come up with the best possible candidates for office, the process does a wonderful job of testing and challenging the candidates. From handling one-on-one interactions in Iowa and New Hampshire, surviving mud flung by fellow party members, and speaking at endless rallies in swing states—it’s not an easy job. Seriously, both presidential candidates are to be congratulated for not inserting their feet into their mouths on a more regular basis.

I suppose that athletes crossing the finish line can’t just stop—they must do appropriate stretching, rehydrating, and other cooling down activities before moving on.

As a somewhat partisan blogger and citizen, I too must stretch, rehydrate, and cool down before moving on.

I think this is my stretch.

I’m not sure how to rehydrate though…

This is part of the 2008 Virtual Post Election Bash. The participants (as of 1930 CET Wednesday) are: Adam | American | Andrea | C | Charlotte | Christina | Claire/DE | Claire/UK | Connie | Dianne/DE | Dianne/US | Eusmaca | Evercurious | G | Ian | J | Jennifer | Jill | Jul | Leesa | Me | Princess Extraordinaire | Sizzle |Snooker | Theatrical Milestones | Vailian | Yelli

10 comments to No Heart Attacks Now…

  • nts

    may I congadulate? yr country has just saved it’s face, internatinally.
    For rehydrating: just go via city center offices 🙂

  • I’m all for rehydrating. After this campaign, I really need it!

  • Hi! I’m visiting each of the virtual celebrators in order, you’re first on the list Diane sent. It’s up on my sidebar – I hope some of my peeps stop by.

    I want to savor this day. It has been a long time coming.

    I love the post below – what a top 4! But hey, they’re old news.


  • Wahoo! Finally as Americans our voices were heard again!

  • I was on here earlier & couldn’t figure out where to post… HELLO… Sometimes I can be a little on the slow side.. nice to “meet you”…

    I loved your post below with the mean candy lady… I think that is sooo funny… she looks like such an ass….

  • First, thanks for visiting my blog… I feel a little “isolated” here being in France and not really participating first hand in all of the celebrations… BUT, I am celebrating BIG TIME in my heart of all hearts…. I am just SOOOOOOO happy that Obama was elected as our new PRESIDENT! I feel that this is something America has needed for 8 years now!!! Let’s celebrate all together as the Blogosphere unites all of us Expats and fellow Americans alike!!!

  • It’s an amazing day indeed. I know just what you mean about rehydrating- I still can barely breathe!!!

  • I am just happy that Obama won and it was really an amazing speech when I saw it on TV

  • @nts: Thanks! And I stopped by the Weimar Office Wednesday morning…

    @Diane: I wish we could meet up and celebrate…

    @Dianne: Thanks for stopping by… this has been a nice way to find some new people to read.

    @jen: Prost!

    @Andrea: Wooot!

    @American in Norway: Nice to meet you, too! Thanks for stopping by.

    @Leesa: Thanks for stopping by… It’s nice to have something positive to say about America…

    @Scary Mommy: I’m getting there… still a bit more stretching to do.

    @Charles: He’s a gifted speaker–although I have to confess, I slept through it.