Trains & Planes

OK, with a title like that, you can guess that I am travelling.

It starts with a week-long trip to the States—Pittsburgh and Washington, DC, before returning to Weimar for a week. Thanksgiving week I’ll be off visiting my family in Denver.

Today I’m off to Berlin—I prefer flying from Berlin only because I know that I eat well in Berlin—Frankfurt’s best restaurant is probably McDonald’s.

Berlin has the added bonus of being home to Snooker—we’re going to hit up an art exhibit and then participate in the mp3 experiment for Berlin (join us, if you can—we’ll be in the crowd at Alexanderplatz). After that I’m going to be rather pathetic by heading back to my hotel and having a quiet evening. I like Berlin for its food, but unless I am heading to New York City, flying to the States involves taking an early morning flight to a hub—in my case Amsterdam, before leaping across the pond.

I’m hoping my trip to Berlin goes well—there are all kinds of room for problems due to technical faults with the axels of InterCityExpress trains. When I planned my trip to Berlin it was just over two hours with a connection in Leipzig. Now, because of the defective trains, I am going to take a regional train to the middle of nowhere and then connect onto a substitute InterCity train—I’ll be spending an extra 30 minutes getting to Berlin and spending time on types of train I don’t find especially comfortable. Unfortunately I have to leave home that much earlier and get up that much earlier.

2 comments to Trains & Planes

  • Ah geez, I hadn’t heard about the ICE axel problems. Travel very safely. What is your favorite food in Berlin?

  • Adam

    Scott- I don’t have any single favorite restaurant in Berlin. There are a lot of great choices here. Hopefully the ICE train problems won’t affect you on your voyage.