Up in the air…

I’m back in Weimar, and I really wish the ICE trains would get fixed. ICs are uncomfortable (especially aged Swiss ICs) and late (30 minutes today).

My east-bound trip over the pond last night was highly unusual. Despite leaving on-time, we arrived a few minutes late because we took an extremely northerly route that involved crossing over Greenland and over then northern parts of Iceland. The only previous times that I’ve been over Greenland, it was westbound, and we passed south of Iceland. Apparently the weather further south was pretty bad causing much turbulence.

Anyhow, usually when I fly, I don’t make use of the movie system onboard—I have a book or magazine to read and that is all I need to be content.

This month I’ve been watching movies. Westbound I watched both Little Miss Sunshine and Miss Congeniality. The former was better than I remembered, and the later was… as bad as I remembered. Eastbound I watched a charming movie, Gachi Boy: Wrestling with a Memory, a Japanese film about a young man who loses his memory, but decides to become a professional wrestler anyway. It’s quite sweet and, I feel, well put together. Possibly the best film I’ve seen in the last week (and I’ve seen six).

Probably the best thing I did this week was give gifts to the flight attendants onboard all my flights—boxes of Merci Chocolates. It certainly made a positive impression, casting me as hero—even as I slept through most of two flights.

5 comments to Up in the air…

  • What a nice gesture, to give flight attendants gifts, rather than making the usual DEMANDS of them as many passengers do.

    I bet that doesn’t happen too often.

  • Oh Adam, you are my hero and such a good gay boy to bring gifts to the flight attendants! And you, being the good person you are, probably didn’t do it expecting extra booze, which is something I would do. Quite an inspiration…

  • And you know I say “gay” not to single you out…but you have to admit, it’s quite a cute thing that only someone like you would think about! They’ll be talking about it for trips to come.

  • I was wondering how your Merci gift went over.
    Did you get any extra love?

  • @Scott: I try to be as easy a passenger as possible… I get annoyed with people who think they are servants…

    @Scott: I hope you’ll be the good gay boy on your NW flight from Amsterdam next month…

    @Snooker: It went over quite well. In the past, I once gave chocolate and then when I asked for water later in the flight, they gave me a bottle–everybody else was getting cups.