Adios Denver

Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver

Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver

It’s been a great week in Denver.

Unfortunately in less than 24 hours I will be winging my way east toward Old Europe, leaving behind my family for the land of good bread.

Whilst in Denver, not only did I buy five pair of blue jeans, I also picked up five shirts from at a local thrift shop. Sixteen new movies await me this winter, along with Mad Men (season 1), Psych (season 2), and a couple of other TV programs. A couple boxes of seasonal Celestial Seasonings Tea, a free Milk t-shirt, and a hunky cowboy calendar have also made their way into my possessions.

Amazingly all of this fits either into my carefully packed suitcase or into my briefcase.

Today I’ll be watching an episode or two of This American Life with my mother, lunching with my brother, and doing whatever last minute things come up.

Honestly, this has been the most enjoyable trip I’ve had to Denver in years.

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