December 2008


Last One Out…

Both Weimar and Jena seem to be emptying out for the holidays.

I, save for a brief trip this weekend, will be in Weimar. My plans for Christmas include sleeping in, taking naps, watching movies, and reading books. I have zero intention of waking early, editing books, or jumping through hoops.

Already I have started stocking up—I have a few bottles of wine, some comfort food, warm fuzzy socks, and pretty much everything I need to withstand the supermarkets being closed for three out of four days (the 25th, 26th, and 28th). My only specific detailed plan after Christmas is to get my hair cut on Saturday from my wunderbar stylist.

That and a gathering of a few friends to cook, chat, and have a lovely time one evening.

I’m looking forward to it.

7 comments to Last One Out…

  • Great shot of the ICE, Adam.

    No, wait! Now it’s a sculpture of a dog peeing on a post. whaaa?

  • OK, now you got me. Do your header pics shuffle with every visit? Now I see NYC taxis! So cool…

  • disenchanted

    Sounds cozy.

  • I’m going to the mountains to spend some time with old friends. It will be much better than sitting in the dark the house.

  • OK, so now Adam’s hits are going to go up as everyone refreshes to see all the pictures.

  • koko

    sounds nice!

  • @ian: There’s a small and random selection of header pictures that appear with each reload of the page. BTW, the dog peeing is the third peeing statue in Brussels after the boy and the girl. I might note that it’s not actually a functional fountain, unlike the boy and the girl.

    @disenchanted: You’d be welcome to join me, but that would destroy the coziness of my Christmas Day… You can join me in spirit though!

    @CQ: Sounds like a good plan! Have fun…

    @Snooker: My bandwidth! Oh my bandwidth!

    @koko: I hope you have happy holidays as well!