December 2008



I am pleased to announce that I am ready for the next week.

On the home front, I’ve done laundry, the dishes are (about) to be washed and put away, the beds are made, everything is dusted and put away.

My suitcase is stuffed—not another square inch of free space remains (although it does not actually weigh much), and I am ready for my weekend getaway.

Although this trip was a surprise (to me), I’m excited. It’s taking me out of town just before the Christmas holiday when the light is at its minimum, and taking me some place—well, there won’t be more light—just some place different.

I’ll be back home on Christmas Eve.

More when I get where I’m going… maybe not until Saturday.

3 comments to Shhh…

  • Something tells me it is going to be much colder, and much darker where you’re going.

  • @CQ: Actually, I think the light will be about the same–I am only significantly changing longitude, not latitude. I know I talked about changing latitude, but changing latitude was too expensive and something important popped up at roughly the same latitude…

  • According to the tweets, you’ve been on a train and gone to the airport in your favorite German city. You’ve seen a group of, apparently, horny Finnish men that you’re disappointed that you’re not on their flight presumably because you’d enjoy joining the “mile high club” with any one of them. We also know you’re not going to Toronto.

    I’m guessing you’re staying in Europe, but not going to France. But… the stuffed suitcase makes me think this is a significant trip, so perhaps across the ocean but to a place in Canada that is not Toronto. After all, you must be in the international terminal based on your tweets.

    Meh, I got nothin’.