December 2008


Cat Sitting

So… Long Story Short: Friends of mine in Weimar are on a well earned vacation—and since I saved 400€ by going home for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, I’m engaging in a staycation of sort.

Except for the cats—I volunteered to cat-sit a few days, and the little ones have been keeping me on my toes. They’re outdoor cats, so I go over in the morning and let them out, and return in the evening to let them in—save for a minor problem. As I understand it, their indoor time is 5pm—but they don’t respond to me until they decide it’s time to come in, which is more like 7:30 or 8.

I get my revenge in the morning because they are allowed out at something like 8—but I have not made it over to their apartment before 9 or 9:30 yet.

The evenings are actually fine with me: I’ve been watching “Dead Like Me“—a show they own. It’s a quirky show about Grim Reapers. Yesterday I watched a couple episodes until one of the cats was willing to come in—so I fed him, and then he curled up and watched an episode or two with me. At some point the other cat climbed the front door and banged on the window to let me know he wanted to come in. When I stood up and walked over to the door he was staring at me through the glass.

I have two more trips right now—tonight to let the cats in, and tomorrow morning to let them out.

7 comments to Cat Sitting

  • I loved that show! I’m so disappointed it was canceled. Calum Blue (Mason) has shown up most recently in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. He played a quite different character in that show.

    I’m wondering why every show I like has been canceled recently? Shows such as, Dead Like Me, The 4400, etc. *shrugs*

  • Ed

    I see a book and possible movie in your future, Adam. The Man Who Loved Cat Sitting. They canceled my favorite show too. Boston Legal. Denny Crane did marry his male partner on the last show.

  • disenchanted

    @ CQ: Maybe we just have good taste, but the rest of the nation just sucks?

    @ TQE: We’ve been watching Rome lately. You might like it, but it’s pretty bloody. Mad Men is absolutely the best show on TV right now (well, not right now … but this year).

  • @CQ: I think “Dead Like Me” is cute, but I wouldn’t put it amongst my favorites. I am most of the way through the first season, but now that my time as cat sitter is over, it may be awhile before I complete the first season and watch the second.

    @Ed: I never saw Boston Legal–didn’t it star William Shatner?

    @disenchanted: You two have odd taste; just like me! I will be behind on American television forever. I picked up season 1 of Mad Men in the US over Thanksgiving (it was a gift!) and I have to finish watching it. I’ll have to find season 2 when it comes out on DVD.

  • […] I have been watching “Dead Like Me” whilst cat sitting. The bad-boy cat is really quite the dependent young man. He goes out, bullies the neighbor cats, […]

  • ann

    The show’s creator left after the first ? season for creative differences. I thought that it headed off in a couple of different directions and the shift in the creative leadership explained it.

    I found the frequency with which German is used as a laugh line in American comedies amusing – the German themed restaurants in chuck and dead like me, and repeated references on 30 rock.

  • @ann: Interesting — It’s not clear to me how the plot of Dead Like Me can go too far. I’ve watched part of Wonderfalls–which has a cute premise, but I’m not clear how it could have progressed, had it not been canceled. As for the last show of the creator, Pushing Daisies-I detested the show. The narrator drove me nuts….

    Now Germans as a punchline–when is it ok, and when is it not?