January 2009


Travel by Night

Found via The Guardian. The photographer notes on his Flickr Page:

On my night time flight back to SF from Amsterdam, I noticed that the lights from cities were making the clouds glow. Really spectacular and ethereal – it was really seeing the impact of urban environments from a different perspective. Each glow or […]

Compare & Contrast

2 Rooms, Attic Apartment

2 Rooms, Attic Apartment

What do you think?

Only if…

I wish my high school was really like the high school below–it would have been a whole lot more fun!

And no, I am not familiar with either TruTV or The Principal’s Office.



Until I moved to Weimar, I can honestly say I never really gave graffiti a second thought beyond “Why do people have to deface public property?”

However, I’m somewhat of a pragmatist and I can remember clear as a day when I once sat next to a staunch conservative Republican in America—she had little tolerance […]

No Yoga For You!

Re: Yesterday’s Angry Whopper.

If you live in either Indonesia or Malaysia and are Muslim, you probably shouldn’t eat the Angry Whopper—You are specifically forbidden from doing Yoga, so you’d need to find some other way to burn off the 880 calories it offers:

Indonesia has joined Malaysia in banning Muslims from practising yoga that […]

How do you measure a…

And why is it pissed?

One of my favorite Flickr features is my “stats” page—I don’t do a great deal of photo promotion—rarely do my shots join groups. Therefore, it’s always interesting to me when I see an obscure picture suddenly get a lot of attention.

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been both […]

Meta Blogging

I realize most of you are probably happy that I haven’t had a “meta” blog entry in awhile.

Alas, it’s time for another one because I’ve done a few things today that might otherwise escape your attention:

Sound Choices: I’ve posted a listing of all the podcasts and vidcasts that I am currently subscribed to […]

Germany & Obama

The best German newspaper!

Judging by the cover of yesterday’s Bild, one would think that Germany is ready for Michelle Obama to be first lady.

It’s not difficult German, but for those of you unable to translate “So sexy ist die neue First Lady”, let me provide a quick and dirty translation: “How sexy […]

So I am 15…

Really, I should be embarrassed beyond words, but I have a juvenile sense of humor at times.

Yesterday I was on my way from downtown to the grocery store near my house, minding my own sweet business—when I saw the license plate of a car I was passing. It immediately gave me the giggles and […]

Today’s Medium Large

I almost Twittered this feeling when I saw Dick being rolled around.

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