January 2009


Unusual Hobby: Tea Labels



It’s always amazing to me the unusual and cool hobbies that people out there have.

I learned about a new one this past week when Marina wrote to me as a result of the picture I took of my new shoes with tea. Virtually all of the photos that I use on my blog are over on Flickr, so in case there’s a run on my blog, the photos are served by a large company with the ability to cope with a massive run on data. Over on Flickr, I tag all my photos for people to search.

My shoes and tea photo attracted the attention of Marina because she collects tea labels and was curious if I would send her my El Natura Lista tea bag. Marina has collected 7,104 teatags. In a few days, after my package has crossed all the way over to her home in Vladivostok, she’s going to add my tea tags to her collection, including, quite possibly, a few other new ones. I sent her samples of tiny tea collection (I like so few flavors, plus I drink tea without tags most of the time) and sent her my other bags of tea.

It’s a really cool unusual hobby, in my book, and I’d encourage you to contact her, if you think you can help.

3 comments to Unusual Hobby: Tea Labels

  • i feel, that you are feeling better…i do hope so!
    adam, i am all in for wednesday room watching.
    i put myself out of the caféladen-shift-scedule that day. so i am defenitely free. let me know, when where to start. i ll be there to help.
    big smile on yr face, now!

  • i love tea with tags- although it is hard to tell which teas have them when at the market innit? what a fabulous hobby. makes my book collection look like a snoozer in comparison.

  • holger

    Hello Adam, do you want to exchange tea-labels? I also collect tea-labels… 🙂 Best regards, Holger.