January 2009


Almost time to party!

Tuesday at 6pm, German Time, the long Bush nightmare will be over.

I’ll be at a party with my colleagues, celebrating.  In the meantime, back in December when I was in Bristol, I saw a thought provoking question.

I say we can keep blaming Bush for a few more years.

I say we can keep blaming Bush for a few more years.

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  • Annabel

    You’re so correct – we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg of ongoing consequences of 8 years of GW Bush.
    But to answer the poster’s question, in some parts of the US, the president-elect is already getting the blame, even before he takes office. I live in the dark red Deep South; let me give you a few examples of what I see and hear daily: the current economic crisis is already being called the “Obama recession”, otherwise rational people are adding to their personal home arsenals and stockpiling ammunition because they believe that on 21-January access to both will instantly disappear, and fear-mongering about “socialized medicine” denying access to unnecessary MRIs and Viagra.
    It’s like the Twilight Zone here sometimes…

  • So Adam, will you be wearing that Bush’s Last Day T-shirt to the party? If so, post a photo!

  • @Annabel- Obama recession?! Geesh, talk about putting the cart before the horse! That said, I have to wonder about the high expectations that Obama has generated–they are incredibly high and he has a really tough job ahead of him.

    @Ian: I wore it today–tomorrow is a positive, hopeful, day — no need to dwell on the past during a happy party…

    @ankiH: Super! Du bist geil. Wenn bin ich hetero…

  • Where was the sticker seen? If the question is posed by Europeans, then perhaps they need to look in the mirror. The US is by no means blameless on many things, but European INACTION can be just as bad and blame inducing as US ACTION.

  • @CQ: Errr… I think that although it’s posed by a graffiti artist in Bristol, UK, that we can safely assume two things: 1) the artist is upset with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s acquiescence to all things Bush, and 2) That the bigger point here is one about expectations. The artist understands that everybody thinks that Obama will magically fix everything as soon as he’s president, that he’s flawless–however the artist also knows that things will go wrong and that we need somebody to blame. Unfortunately the traditional person that we blame, the President of the United States of America, is now flawless and perfect… so who do we blame now?

  • I thought of you and your “end of an error” shirt yesterday 😀

  • @CN: That wasn’t my T-Shirt, I just had the “Bush’s Last Day” T-shirt. I saw the “end of an error” t-shirt in a photo via my reader in the last 24 hours, but I don’t remember who posted it.

  • @TQE: I go back to saying they need to look in the mirror. I was listening to the BBC World service today and was just amazed at the question they posed – “What should President Obama be doing for your country?”

    Why should the USA be doing anything FOR other countries? Why don’t they do for themselves? The US needs to butt out unless asked for help.

    The question was posed almost as if the USA is some White Knight that is going to come in and magically save the day just because it has a new President.

    Um, no. That’s an unrealistic expectation at best.

    I do mostly agree with your response to what I said above though. 😉