January 2009


Meta Blogging

I realize most of you are probably happy that I haven’t had a “meta” blog entry in awhile.

Alas, it’s time for another one because I’ve done a few things today that might otherwise escape your attention:

  • Sound Choices: I’ve posted a listing of all the podcasts and vidcasts that I am currently subscribed to on the right. Some of them are inane and boring, some of them are educational and light, and some are high quality news sources. Plus, of course, there’s some music options as well.
  • The theme templates have been upgraded to accommodate the new reply option on comments—you can now directly reply to one specific comment by clicking on the “reply” that is listed with each individual comment.
  • I have no Cache. I was using WordPress SuperCache, but the most recent upgrade to the software crashed my site. This means that every time you visit my site it will be fed to you live! I am searching for a replacement to SuperCache since I don’t want to abuse the hosting company’s computers. This change is probably invisible to you.

I’ll be back to regularly scheduled blathering tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

5 comments to Meta Blogging

  • G

    I always appreciate the meta- post because I read in a reader and only come to site to comment, so I like the updates and occasional reminder to come on over and check things out.

  • Meta posts are good because it shows you’re also thinking about the medium you’re using. Since it’s always changing, you have to change along with it, and so does your blog and what you put on it. I’m glad you pointed out your pod- and vidcast lists, and look forward to rummaging through them.

  • @G: Thanks – I always get the feeling that my Meta posts are more for me than for anybody else. Often they get completely ignored. Of course I am quite often puzzled by what generates a lot of comments versus what gets ignored…

    @Ian: I hope you enjoy the pod and vidcasts–Some of them are awesome!

  • Question – what kind of music are you into? I was going to suggest a great techno/house podcast that’s my favorite for cleaning, hammering out a project, etc. but didn’t know if you were into that music outside of the clubs. http://www.techtronicsound.com or search for it on iTunes.