January 2009


No Yoga For You!

Re: Yesterday’s Angry Whopper.

If you live in either Indonesia or Malaysia and are Muslim, you probably shouldn’t eat the Angry Whopper—You are specifically forbidden from doing Yoga, so you’d need to find some other way to burn off the 880 calories it offers:

Indonesia has joined Malaysia in banning Muslims from practising yoga that includes Hindu rituals, fearing that it may corrupt their faith.

The country’s senior body of Islamic clerics ruled that Muslims must refrain from yoga if it involves elements such as chanting mantras, which reflect its Hindu roots.

Via The Guardian.

9 comments to No Yoga For You!

  • I grew up in this very conservative Christian religion that made similar proclamations about yoga. It’s pretty ridiculous the lengths religions will go to discredit another faith, huh?

  • ann

    Is it discrediting the other religion? The arguments I have heard are that it’ an inherent element of a different religion – and not something that can be simply treated as exercise.

    • Ann, I guess it depends on you definition of discredit. Attending and participating yoga classes never encouraged me to become a Hindu or ever made me question my Christian faith, but such outrageous proclamations by ministers in the church certainly made me question their motives. Eventually I became turned off by all religion because it seems to me too corrupted by mens ideals.

  • Ed

    The world Dominaion by the muslims marches on, right on schedule.

  • Ed

    Domination, dammit, d-o-m-i-n-a-t-i-o-n!

  • @Diane: Hate is a really funny thing… and fear.

    @Ann: I would go with fear again–fear that exposure to other ways of thinking will change your mind. Perhaps it speaks to the weakness that some at the top have toward their own faith. And oddly I never realized Yoga was an aspect of any religion until quite recently.

    @Ed: I wonder when that quest for domination by the Muslims will conflict with that quest for domination by the Christians.

  • Ed

    At least the Christians won’t be killing women for not wearing burkhas and beheading anybody wearing a cross. I know some religions promote hate instead of love but they are not real Christians.

  • jen


    i’m so embarrassed, but i did a huge catch-up on your blog. and i’m inlove with the angry whopper AND cock license plate. i figured it would even be funnier if merged onto one teeshirt:

    the angry cock whopper….sounds like a great porno, eh?

  • @Ed: It’s not like all Muslims kill women for not wearing burkhas or not wearing a crescent. However, people in the name of Christianity and in the name of Islam have… it gets rather messy from my perspective as an outsider.

    @ Angry Cock Whopper? Who can we get to star?