February 2009


I’m so high!

The realities of my new apartment are starting to set in.

It’s high.

I noticed this today because I carried over some essentials for living: sheets, towels, cleaning supplies, and kitchen wares. I did it in two trips, one with heavy stuff from a friend’s basement, the other with heavy stuff stored in another friend’s […]

Getting Settled Back In

Today was the walk through of my new apartment—I now have the keys and am ready to move-in. The moving truck will appear Monday around noon with all my shit, so whilst I am not technically homeless, I am still practically homeless.

I spent last night in Berlin—after landing in Berlin early, I headed to […]

Special Travel

My trip back to Germany was a lot like my trip from Germany.

One of the flight attendants was the same and the person sitting next to me going to Berlin was the same man who sat next to me coming from Berlin. I thought I recognized his back as I followed him onto the […]

No Day Like Today.

Honestly, save for required transportation and meetings, I haven’t been north of 17th Street in New York City in at least a couple years.

Today’s been no different—after checking in , I headed to B-Cup where I worked and looked at cute guys, before going on a shopping expedition, returning to my hotel and deciding […]

All Aboard

This morning I left Hartford (yes, I was there) and boarded a train to New York City.

It’s nice to be in The City, even if for only one night, and an important meeting first thing tomorrow morning. Unfortunately I’m behind on a project and when I’m not in the meeting, I predict that I […]

More on Craigslist

I’ve seen blogs dedicated to funny listings on Craigslist, and at the risk of degenerating into one of these blogs, I’ve found a few missed connections that amused me. I won’t specify which city they’re from, except to say that they are not from Bloomington.


were you on #10 bus around 5:30 […]

Edible Bloomington, Indiana

Visiting Bloomington, Indiana?

Here’s my quick and dirty guide to the places I’ve eaten on this trip:

soma – the coffee shop at Kirkwood and Grant, under Laughing Planet. It’s an excellent environment with incredibly knowledgeable staff. If Weimar’s Café Laden is a classy high end coffee shop with a slight air of pretension, soma […]

New Laptop

I am starting the process of thinking about buying a new laptop.

Traditionally I’ve been a Windows person, but that is up for grabs at this point. If you were getting a computer, what would you get, and why?

The only constraint at this moment is that I want a German keyboard…


I had to stop by a Laundromat today—and I realized something fantastic:

It is possible to do more than one load of laundry at a time.

I also realized that, if I needed to, I could dry laundry while washing another load—the circuit breakers would not flip.

Craigslist Find

Potentially NSFW content.

Please click through if you really want to read this.