February 2009


Good Night & Good Luck

Cathy, as promised, popped over tonight—it was absolutely fantastic seeing her—a much needed break from the constant stress of moving.

I’d spent the morning working at the Weimar Office—I had an unexpected project dropped in my lap yesterday and I was told it would be easy. Much to my surprise it took me over three hours to do 75% of the work, and I still have to do some backup research on the project tomorrow to double check some facts that I found suspect.

After lunch I went back to my current flat so that a mover could come and give me a bid—he seemed friendly and nice and assured me that the bid would delivered via email today. He left, Anke left with a few things, and I thought I would tackle a few things—instead I got a phone call that a bid from the first mover, the one who visited Monday afternoon, finally arrived: 600€ More than I expected, but I suppose within reason given the complete and total lack of storage space in town.

I need the storage space because I have a two week gap between my current apartment and my next apartment (mostly when I am travelling)

Seriously, one colleague assures me that I could convince people to help unload my current apartment, move it to storage, and then, in a few weeks, convince people to move into my new apartment. I’d seriously consider this offer, save for five salient points:

  • I currently live on the second floor, by German count—so three floors for the Americans.
  • I’m moving to the fifth floor, and although there’s an elevator, it only goes so far—leaving you half a floor below the door and a floor below the apartment.
  • If the glass table top for the dining room table gets dropped, it will be messy, dangerous, and expensive
  • If the television gets dropped, it’s very expensive to replace a 40″ LCD HDTV
  • There is a complete and total lack of pay-by-the-month storage space in Weimar, and perhaps all of Germany. A colleague looked into this for me and couldn’t find any U-Store-It, U-Lock-It, U-Keep-the-Key equivalent facilities.

I’m not actually convinced that I could rent a van, twice, pay for storage, and get everything into the new apartment for less than 400€ by myself—I haven’t priced the van portion of this scenario, mainly because the storage aspect appears impossible.

So I was kind of in a grumbling mood about the price of the estimate. Later when I opened up the estimate from another firm, I decided 600€ wasn’t so bad. They wanted 1,500€ for the same stuff, the same storage, and the same conditions.

I’m not sure why I am stressing about all of this, but I am.

Which brings me back to Cathy—I met her at the train station and we walked over to Saturn where we perused the DVD department, picked out a film, and headed back to the current place. It was really fantastic not thinking at all about moving (save for about an hour while she was here, but it wasn’t that bad). We stopped by one of the 10 supermarkets within a 20 minute walk—we went there specifically because I wanted her to see the Flirty Cashier—FC, for short.

I first noticed FC a couple weeks ago when I popped into the shop. He was learning how to be a cashier that day, and trust me when I say that I noticed him about one point three seconds after walking through the door. He is geil. I did my shopping, and while I was checking out, I would have sworn he winked at me three times in about 2 minutes. I was smitten. A few days later I was picking something up and he again winked at me.

Now Cathy will tell you that my gaydar sucks.

When we walked in the store, I didn’t see him—we picked up some stuff for dinner, and then went to the cash register where he wasn’t working—but he was there. Cathy noticed him immediately and agreed with me that he was hot. I won’t say anything else though…

We returned home where after a bit we cooked dinner, talked, and then watched Good Night and Good Luck—which is the film we had picked up for 9,99€ It is an amazing film talking about an amazing era of American history. We loved it and after we watched some of the DVD extras until it was time for Cathy to catch the train.

Really, I had a fantastic 6 or 7 hours hanging out with Cathy, but as soon as she left, I managed to wig out again.

Now I am too stressed to sleep.


6 comments to Good Night & Good Luck

  • Now the mysterious IM I had waiting for me when I got back to my desk makes sense. I hope you’re able to sort this all out soon!

  • Cathy

    aww…c’mon seriously take a chill pill. Breathe. Everything’s gonna work out fine. I wish you dreams of winking young twinks!

  • I agree with Cathy. You need to relax or else stress will make you look haggard.

  • Good Night and Good Luck…
    I thought of you when I saw this and figured you would love it.
    How cool that you got to see it.

    As far as stressing about the apartment stuff… I was thinking that it was 600EUR OVER what you had expected… and I was thinking that 600 wasn’t so bad. Pay it, you’ll be insured, have piece of mind, and it will all be over before you know it!

  • Ed

    I think I’m beginning to learn some German: Does Geil mean sexy hot lover?

  • @CQ: Everything is pretty clear now–I just sort of felt overwhelmed last night.

    @Cathy: FC… FC… FC…

    @Charles: I think I’ve been looking depressed, although a colleague told me today that I look a lot better than I did last week,

    @Snooker: Ouch! I see that I made a punctuation error that facilitated such an error. My apologies. I didn’t realize that it might scan that way when I posted it, but now I see it.

    @Ed: Geil is a complicated word. Historically speaking it was a very rude word to describe one as being horny–even today it is considered somewhat vulgar, except in some settings where it means “cool” or “wicked” (eg “wicked cool”). I was using it to mean “cool/sexy” and “makes me horny”. One of the electronics stores was promoting itself with the say that “Cheap is Geil” (except all in German)–