February 2009


Freak & Zen

I’ve entered some kind of weirdo stage of moving.

After I signed the two contracts in one day, I relaxed a lot—I took a nap Thursday evening and stayed up late—Friday the alarm came too early, but I trooped over let the cats out, and went to work. Thanks to a slightly delayed train, I made it to the office just five minutes late instead of 40 minutes late. Work was swell, except I could tell the sleep deficit was catching up to me, so I went home early. I promptly took a nap on the train and then a nap in my bed, before heading over to let the cats in and watch Roger & Me on my friend’s TV.

Last night I got some 8 or 9 hours of sleep—and when the alarm went off this morning (later than yesterday morning), I felt refreshed. After a shower, I headed over to let the cats out, and then returned home.

Really, at home, I alternate between freaking out: Wow I’ve got a lot to do; and a Zen-like feeling, where I think to myself: Wow, it’s almost all done, you can relax a bit.

According to my notes, this is what I have left to do:

  • Pack for my trip to the States and until I am in my new apartment. According to my calculations, the longest I must go without doing laundry is 5. I must have outfits in totally natural fibers at most two days between doing laundry—I wear only cotton when flying as it is safer).
  • Pack all remaining clothing for storage in my friend’s basement.
  • Disassemble and get ready for moving the following large items:
    • Dryer (not much to do there, I believe, except unplug and take off of the washer)
    • Washer: Drain water from washer, use locks to prevent drum from being damaged
    • Television: put in original factory box after covering and wrapping it as it originally came
  • Pack all the dishes and glassware
    • Except for the plastic dishes I will use the rest of the week
  • Remove food from shelves in pantry, disassemble shelving unit in pantry.
  • Disassemble cheap wire bookcase that I use to store T-Shirts.

So far today, I have emptied the bookcase so it is ready for moving, emptied the drawer on my bedside table, and cleaned the desk of everything.

I have multiple briefcases, and the one going to America is starting to get its travel accouterments—the small wallet with my travel things is in it, as are American keys, my American money, and the like.

There are times when this list seems daunting, and then there are times when I the list seems simple.

Right now it seems simple, after all I am taking time to blog—that and I am doing laundry so it’s pretty difficult to make progress on the packing front.

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