February 2009


In just one week…

Next Monday I’ll be in Indiana.

Although I have a ton of things to do in Indiana, all of them are less hectic and stressful than moving.

Fortunately for me, I can stop worrying about the moving much sooner: The truck shows up Wednesday morning at 8am.

TV, Couches, Chairs, Dining Room Table, rug, bookcase, cabinet, side tables, Ikea bed, wardrobe, TV stand, and dishes.

Maybe there’s some more. It’s all packed and stacked.

My suitcase for my trip is packed and ready to go.

I have been blessed with some amazing friends the past month: Anke, WeimarColleague, Frau WeimarColleague, WeimarColleague Jr., QuietColleague, FabulousAssistant, and TrombonePlayer. In the next couple of weeks, SportsMetaphorLovingColleague will help me. After that I suspect a couple other people will help me with the unpacking and getting furniture situated.

There’s no way I could thank any of these individuals properly.

4 comments to In just one week…

  • Wow you’re all set! If I were there I would love to help you out!

  • Cb

    Well, I hope you like your new life in Indiana. But I know of be sad to be losing expatriot status…

    • Ack! I think I may have muddled things a bit too much….

      What’s happening are two things, simultaneously. Individually challenging, combined even more challenging:

      1) I am moving within Weimar. Actually I am moving three blocks from where i currently live. It’s a three minute walk. It’s quite close. However I must move out this week and I do not get to move in until 1 March.

      2) I am taking a business trip to Indiana, Hartford, and New York City. By happy accident this trip will cover well over half the nights that I am without an apartment. The last five nights I will spend either in Berlin recovering from jetlag or at a friends place.

  • Ed

    Thank God! We were afraid you were going to live in Indiana. We wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemy. Wait, hold the phone, stop the train! I live in Indiana! LOL
    Remember an episode of Cheers? Woody’s mother to Carla: “you know what to do if you ever find yourself in Indiana”. Carla: “Yeah, scream and run for the border”.
    Once a Hoosier, always a Hoosier!