February 2009


Leer Wohnung

It was perfect German Efficiency.

At 07:51 I was chatting with CQ and I said, “I need to go—the movers will be here in 9 minutes. Probably 3.”

Not 30 seconds later the doorbell rang—the movers had arrived. 100 minutes later, they were gone—the furniture packed into an enormous truck and sent off for storage. My Ikea bed disassembled in 5 minutes. Pillows packed and rug rolled. No way to do laundry.

I guess, officially, I am homeless.

But not really. My stuff might very well be in storage, but the apartment is not empty—I have a bed to sleep in, a stove to cook on, and a few last minute things to take with me—like the pot I cook in.

Three more nights before I head up to Berlin and the States.

3 comments to Leer Wohnung

  • jen

    hey there,

    i realized that i had forgotten your birthday. i’m such a schmuck. your apartment sounds really rad, although we’ll have to agree to disagree about the lime green. i really like that color. esp. when paired with hot pink.

    had you seen roger and me prior to your most recent viewing? it’s one of those movies that i can only see once it is so depressing. i still love michael moore!

  • koko

    I’m saddened that you don’t like the lime green. Green is my favorite color…maybe even lime green. But I’m not sure I’d like lime green on my walls. You’ll have to take some before pictures to please my lime green loving eyes 🙂

  • My co-worker told me a story of their last move from Germany back to the U.S. – they had bought the movers some chips, soda, and a sandwich tray, since traditionally packing a whole house is a very long event in the US.

    Instead, they were done within hours and didn’t touch the sandwich tray – but weeks later, unpacking in the U.S., they found the unopened bags of chips and soda.