February 2009


Edible Bloomington, Indiana

Visiting Bloomington, Indiana?

Here’s my quick and dirty guide to the places I’ve eaten on this trip:

  • soma – the coffee shop at Kirkwood and Grant, under Laughing Planet. It’s an excellent environment with incredibly knowledgeable staff. If Weimar’s Café Laden is a classy high end coffee shop with a slight air of pretension, soma is the hippy joint with funky art and no pretentions. Both options are valid—but soma has better eye candy and incredible all fruit smoothies. Hands down my favorite coffee shop on the planet.
  • Wee Willies – the local’s diner on South Walnut. This place is easily overlooked, but the food is great, the service friendly, and prices reasonable. If you come often enough the waitresses will know your order before you open your mouth. There’s no signage out front, so you really need to know where you’re going: just look for the full parking lot around an otherwise derelict building.
  • Greek’s Pizzeria – this used to be my favorite pizza on the planet, but last summer whilst the pizza was great, the service was awful. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that the ownership has changed since last summer and while the service has marginally improved, the pizza I ate was not memorable. Sad considering that I used to dream about eating their pizza.
  • Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse – overpriced baked goods. It’s good if you are nearby and don’t want to drive anywhere.
  • Red Lobster – don’t ask, but my old housemate works there, so I always stop by to say hi—it’s Red Lobster and there’s not much else I can say.
  • Village Deli – there was a period of time in which the VD was pretty bad, but I braved it for breakfast and had a nice Cajun Omelet served by a hot waiter. I was about to point out that he’d undercharged me by $3 when he showed up embarrassed with the correct bill. The food is good, but I still refuse to believe that the right half of the place exists.
  • Nick’s English Hut – This place is Bloomington, and nobody has ever been to Bloomington if they’ve not visited Nick’s. I have a friend who’s a bartender there and it’s always a pleasure to stop by and visit him. The menu is full of great things.
  • Roots – the vegan/vegetarian restaurant on the square has made a huge turn-around. The last time I was here I was about to strike the place from my list, but a return visit revealed that it had new owners, a refreshed menu, and no beer (for now). The food was great, although the service was a bit slow. It’s no longer on probation—I’d go back willingly.
  • Rachael’s Café – the Transgendered owned café is a light and airy workspace with an awesome carrot cake. I was lucky enough to be served by Rachael and I found the environment to be pleasant and conducive to work.

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