February 2009


Getting Settled Back In

Today was the walk through of my new apartment—I now have the keys and am ready to move-in. The moving truck will appear Monday around noon with all my shit, so whilst I am not technically homeless, I am still practically homeless.

I spent last night in Berlin—after landing in Berlin early, I headed to meet up with Snooker, where I had to get slightly redirected because she wasn’t where I expected to find her. That said we had a lovely conversation and meal—I had French Toast.

I was fine until just after 12 when, as she noted, I started fading, fast.

We parted ways at that point and I headed to my hotel—originally I’d booked myself into Alexanderplatz, but whilst in New York I redirected myself to stay near Nolendorfplatz at Tom’s Hotel. It’s a gay hotel, and I arrived at its office exhausted beyond words.

Reception had two people working; including what I can only describe as the hunkiest man I’ve ever seen fulfilling the bellhop role dressed in revealing attire. Sadly I was a bit too exhausted to fully appreciate him fully—but I was more than happy to follow him as he carried my suitcase up to the room, and listen to him explain all the details of the room—the wifi password, where to read up on what to do in Gay Berlin, and which keys unlocked which doors.

Sadly, and happily, this took only a few minutes. Sadly because I could have listened to him talk for hours and never gotten tired. Happily because I was barely functional and I desperately needed to sleep.

He left me in the room, I grabbed a quick shower to wash off the airplane grime, and within a few minutes I was off in dreamland—a land that the bellhop wandered through.

How come my normal hotels never employ bellhops like this?

5 comments to Getting Settled Back In

  • Hi Adam,
    welcome back to the neighbourhood. Did you see that they’re already talking about the next Germany wingding? Go to regensblog if you’ve not seen it.

    You and Snooker should do some scouting for WE-BUM (Whiney Expat Bloggers’ Unmissable Meetup.)

    Go Berlin!

  • Go Berlin, or Munich. I have already dobbed you in for a late-Saturday queer escapade.

    BTW, does the guy ion your dreams moonlight?

  • The bellhop was a figment of your imagination…
    Remember, I saw how you looked when we separated.

    Go BERLIN!

  • i can only imagine the stories that those bellhops could tell.

  • @ian: I voted for Heidleberg — I think Berlin is too big and spread out to be really good for an intensive weekend of hanging out.

    @headbang8: I’m game!

    @Snooker: I saw him when I woke up later in the evening. He was just as hot then as he was earlier.

    @dave.: I remember reading Gene Amole (RIP), a Rocky Mountain News (RIP) columnist on his experience as a bellhop at some hotel in downtown Denver. It seems to me he supplemented his income by selling condoms to excited guests.