February 2009


I’m so high!

The realities of my new apartment are starting to set in.

It’s high.

I noticed this today because I carried over some essentials for living: sheets, towels, cleaning supplies, and kitchen wares. I did it in two trips, one with heavy stuff from a friend’s basement, the other with heavy stuff stored in another friend’s top floor apartment. After carrying the heavy stuff into the building, I put as much of it as I could in the elevator and then carried the rest, mercifully light, up the stairs, where I called the elevator, which then brought me the rest of my crap. From there it was still two flights of stairs up and into my new apartment.

Now I could be disingenuous and say that I am a thin, in shape, and fit kind of guy, but that’s a complete and total lie: I’m overweight, outta shape and fit in the sense that a Hippo looks thin.

The other sad truth is that I sweat easily—at the drop of a hat, my sweat glands turn on and turn me into a profusely nasty and smelly person to be around—which I was this afternoon after dropping everything in the new apartment.

I can safely say that I will probably lose weight just climbing to and from my new apartment, as well as gaining muscle in my legs.

6 comments to I’m so high!

  • You and I are quite well matched in our hippo-like qualities these days. *shrugs*

    I’m sure you’re going to look like a Greek god after hiking up all those stairs for a couple of months.

  • It’s incredible what just taking the stairs day after day will do for a body. One year after moving to Germany and living without cars and on the American 4th, 5th and 6th floors of a walk-up, Cliff lost about 30 lbs. and I’d lost near 50.

    Of course, now that we’re living on the ground floor again, I’m a little worried about our girlish figures…

  • Ed

    Calling Mr. Otis, calling Mr. Otis…please send an elevator to Adams place pronto.

  • J

    I lived in the 5th floor in Poland and on the 4th floor in Germany until last April, both with no elevator. I’m glad not to have to lug my groceries up the stairs anymore.

  • So, when are you hosting all your BFF’s from the states? 😉

  • …and those who live in Germany?