February 2009


Economic Distress

It’s great to be in Bloomington.

I had lunch today with a couple friends at Wee Willies (as good as I remember), and then I struck out alone for dinner at Greek’s Pizza (I think its fall from grace is complete—the pizza is not as good as it used to be).

I also picked up […]


My flight from Berlin to New York/JFK was not without its amusing points.

This past weekend Berlin hosted Berlinale, an international film festival and by my casual observation, I would estimate that approximately two-thirds of the plane were people returning to the States having attended the Berlinale.

Not to be too quick to judge on […]

Going Postal

As part of my preparation for moving, I headed down to the post office with two questions.

First, could I get my mail held while I was out of town; and Secondly, could I please fill out a change of address form?

The answers to these questions were: “No” and “That’s 15.20€ for six months, […]

on my way

Sorry, but life has been busy the past few days, so I haven’t had time to sit down and think and write.

And now I am about to leave for Berlin and the States.

Leer Wohnung

It was perfect German Efficiency.

At 07:51 I was chatting with CQ and I said, “I need to go—the movers will be here in 9 minutes. Probably 3.”

Not 30 seconds later the doorbell rang—the movers had arrived. 100 minutes later, they were gone—the furniture packed into an enormous truck and sent off for storage. […]

No Doubt

2 Rooms, Attic Apartment

I’ve heard of “buyer’s remorse”—so it makes sense to me that there is also “renter’s remorse”.

It was a few weeks ago when I first visited “Apartment Obama”, my new apartment. It was at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, and I was joined by a colleague to look at […]

In just one week…

Next Monday I’ll be in Indiana.

Although I have a ton of things to do in Indiana, all of them are less hectic and stressful than moving.

Fortunately for me, I can stop worrying about the moving much sooner: The truck shows up Wednesday morning at 8am.

TV, Couches, Chairs, Dining Room Table, rug, bookcase, […]


From: +49 172 xx xx xx x

Wenn ihr mögt kommt doch vorbei. Würden uns trotz faulheitsfall sehr darüber freuen hihi. Kommt gern mit auf unsere couch 🙂

To: +49 172 xx xx xx x

Haben Sie SMS die richtige Handy?

From: +49 172 xx xx xx x

Sorry es war wiklich dei falsche nummber. […]

Freak & Zen

I’ve entered some kind of weirdo stage of moving.

After I signed the two contracts in one day, I relaxed a lot—I took a nap Thursday evening and stayed up late—Friday the alarm came too early, but I trooped over let the cats out, and went to work. Thanks to a slightly delayed train, I […]

Roger & Me

I’m spending the first part of my evening watching “roger & me” and spending time with 2 cats.

For me it’s exciting. Maybe it sounds a bit lame to the rest of the world.