March 2009


Stupid Me.

Yesterday my American-German PseudoWife came and spent the night at my apartment.

This was the second time she’d spent the night at my apartment—she was my first houseguest last week, even before the Regensbloggers, who stayed with me over the weekend.

Amusingly the pattern of care sort of inverted itself from last week to this […]

What a Weekend!

1 cent, Salt, Bread: A German Welcome to Your New Home

I should probably be getting back to finishing my current work project—a deadline is looming tomorrow—but instead I need a few minutes to decompress. My first load of laundry is in the dryer (I need what’s in it tonight), the second (of three) […]

Cleaning, Preparing…

The Living Room. Click through to see notes…

Yeah… so… I’m having a party tonight.

Starting at 5.

I know that’s early, but most of the guests are coming from Jena, and since they will eventually want to return to Jena, most by train, I need to have an early party.

This morning I […]

Washing Washing Machine

Somehow during my move, the Washing Machine was broken.

In a way, it was my worst nightmare. I put a load of laundry in the machine, put soap in, and then left the room. When I returned, 45 minutes later, I discovered that the drain in the building’s laundry room was not at the lowest […]


As most of you may know, I read blogs from porn stars, including Pierre Fitch. Last year I wondered aloud about him when he posted an entry that was combination My Grandmother died/Beat-Off to Me.

This week he posted this gem (Link NSFW):

Today Drake and Ken shot one hell of a hot scene. I’m […]

Airport News

Prague’s Franz Kafka International Named World’s Most Alienating Airport


Today I invited somebody from the States over to my apartment for an afternoon of fun—fixing the washing machine, cooking dinner, and watching television.

Step 1 was seemingly easy until the machine decided it wasn’t fixed. The hole in the leaky hose was fixed with a new hose—but then when I turned on the machine, […]

Another Perspective

My 10 o’clock appointment was cancelled today—so I was left twiddling my thumbs—the big project of the moment was at home, I was at the office, and so I started surfing—off to a wiki to get educated.

I learned the following:

Public school students in America have these characteristics:

30% fail to graduate […]

Party in Weimar!

I’m having a party at my new place—and all ex-pat bloggers and local readers are invited!

The party is next Friday, March 27th. If you’re interested in attending, please send me an email.

2008 Taxes Done!

My accountant finished my taxes yesterday!

Nothing to pay in the USA, and I’m getting a tidy refund from Germany.

I told one of my colleagues how much money I was getting back and he told me that it would be tax-free income–a highly accurate point!

Let me know if you’d like information about my […]