March 2009


My Genes Suck

It’s exciting—by this time tomorrow, my furniture will be in my new apartment.

Unfortunately T-Com doesn’t come until Thursday, so I will probably be back here at my friends’ place, not just to take care of the cats, but to check my email. My friends are off on one of their well deserved vacations, and I think that if they were to ask me to watch their cats for a month, I would be more than happy to do so because—well, they’ve been really awesome friends. That and I adore the cats.

One of the cats spent last night with me—on and off, that is—sometimes curled up next to me, sometimes off somewhere else entirely. I didn’t really keep track, rather I slept until 6 when the cat decide it was time to attack my feet—fine, they were under the duvet and no damage was forthcoming. Then he decided to attack my hand—and somehow his claws got through the duvet and I was nicked slightly. I gave up; I got up, went to the door and let both cats out before returning to slumber land—sleeping until 10.

Today was relatively quiet—in the afternoon I took some things over to my new place (lamps, microwave popcorn, and a drying rack), and picked up stuff from my old place (vacuum cleaner, and other things that were needed until after I was gone), and from Chica’s place (pots, pans, and a lamp). Some of what I carried was heavy, but my biggest mistake was going from my friends place to my new place wearing my winter coat. This was enough to cause me to sweat profusely.

It’s in my genes, seriously. Back when I used to deliver newspapers, I would always sweat up a storm, even when it was below freezing and snowing out. I would start out with my coat on, and then after about half an hour, I would be in my t-shirt and blue jeans stunning people as I would drop off their newspaper. The fact is, I was comfortable that way.

And not to sound conceited, I’m just hot.

Meanwhile I’m just chilling—thanks to Milkboys, a site I casually read, I’ve discovered Redhead Boys (NSFW– as of posting an x-rated video automatically plays), a website featuring men I find incredibly attractive. It reminds me that every computer I’ve controlled since about 2000 is named after Tom Coverdale. I’m up to Tom Coverdale IV. For those of you who’ve forgotten, Tom Coverdale was (is) an incredibly attractive Indiana University basketball player—a redhead who I (and lots of other people) fell in love with. Around then I started naming my computers after him, a tradition that I continue to uphold—even though I haven’t seen a really recent picture of him in a long time.

There were lots of fan pages for Tom Coverdale—including one which leaves an odd impression related to Tom Coverdale and September 11th. While many have probably forgotten Tom Coverdale, he did receive the ultimate honor having a cat named after him, who unfortunately died in June 2007 of Feline Leukemia.

4 comments to My Genes Suck

  • Every time you mention that gorgeous redhead (yes I have a thing for them), a certain song by The Police comes to mind. Especially true since I know you’re naming all your computers after him. LOL

  • jen

    hey adam,

    boy, i had some catching up to do! i’m glad you’re settled in your new place. perhaps someday i can go there and see you. i’ve never been to europe.

  • jen

    i have the same genetic problem. however, i hear moist is the new black

  • @CQ: At least I am consistent…

    @Jen: I hope to see you in Europe one day… thanks for the CD–it rocks!

    @Jen: Moist is the new black… so I am cool for the first time in my life!